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Gen 2.2 goes 85 hours on 1 bowl of KK CoCo Charcoal

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I knew that KOmodos were efficient, I had gone about 30 hours on a cook before. But this recent cook by a KK owner with a Gen 2.2 shows KOmodos are in a league of their own.

One bowl KOmodo Sustainable Coconut Charcoal..

The new charcoal basket holds alot of charcoal..The boxes are 22 lbs so this must be at least 16.5 lbs. It held exactly 3 rows out of the 4 rows in the box.

Guru set at 225ºf


12 Hours


26 Hours @ 225º (Actually, the last couple hours it was jacked it up to 250 to finish some ribs.)


36 Hours


48 Hours


62 Hours.. This is just moving into the freaky area. Over 62hrs and not the first blip...no restarts...no poking around. Guru has controlled this baby the entire time at 225º


66.5 Hours, You can just barely see a difference over the last four and a half hours. It was given it a quick stir for the first time as there were a couple of piece of charcoal hanging up near the top.


72 Hours


72 Hours Stirred


85 Hours before the temp dropped below 220. It ran at 225 or higher the whole time. Plenty of ash but it was 16.5 lbs or more of charcoal to begin with.


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Stacking KK Charcoal

This, as Dennis said, proves "...KOmodos are in a league of their own. " It also showed the 'right' way to put KK charcoal in your cooker. I've got the charcoal on the way, now I need to save up enough for a Gen 2.2.

I'm like a golfer who always wants the latest and greatest driver. In this case I justify it to myself by saying that my medium BGE lacks the grill surface area that I need. Porkchop and the rest of you great cooks, you do not need to remind me that golfer like Water Hagan and Bobby Jones would easily outplay me using their wooden shafted clubs.

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This is great justification as to why you can't afford not to buy a KK, Pyro. Not only do you get the better grill area but look how much money you'll save in charcoal! Why, I'll bet an avid BBQer can have the KK pay for itself in just a few months with charcoal cost savings. And the extra value it would bring to your home is just gravy. :D

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Try saying that fast three times..

So what IS it that requires 85 hours of cooking time' date=' a whole steer? :eek:[/quote']

What it clearly illuminates how little fuel is burned to maintain the 225º which means very little airflow which translates to a high humidity cooking environment resulting in very moist results..

Try saying that fast three times..

I always tell people the cooker performs better than it looks..


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When I did the review of the 22" OTB Textured model, I measured the surface temps on the dome of the KK vs. a large Egg. Big difference:

The temperature of the dome on the Egg varied from 180 degrees at the lower edge of the dome to 245 degrees at the top of the dome near the upper vent. The Komodo Kamado varied from 110 degrees at the base of the dome to 160 degrees at the top near the upper vent. While the dome of the Egg was scorching hot to the touch, you could leave your hand anywhere on the Komodo Kamado's dome for at least a few seconds. Clearly the Komodo Kamado is keeping more heat inside the cooker.

Product Review of the 22" OTB KK Cooker

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