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Not the chuck wagon...

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shoulder wagon, maybe?

This is the mystery muscle that I got from BJs. I have no idea what subcut of chuck this is. The package was labeled Shoulder Muscle C9 (980059) After the long discussion of chuck rolls, I searched high and low to find what subcut this really was. I couldnt find those numbers listed anywhere. It looks like one muscle (7.8#), and is boneless. I am going to cook it for pulling...low and slow.

I took it from the COV, rinsed it and let it dry uncovered in the fridge for about 12 hours. I rubbed it with olive oil to help the rub stick, and rubbed it yesterday afternoon. Wrapped it in plastic and went back in fridge until morning. Here it is ready to go on the grill:


a little over 3 1/2 hours into it (pink, eh?):



The smells are getting really good, now!

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Well now, if you're gonna photoshop away the true color of that K....

ha ha. Looks good. When I got my chuck roll both times the butcher had to retrieve it from some mystery cache in the back... I almost got the shoulder roast assuming it was the same thing based on the diagrams posted earlier in the week... but the butcher said no, the chuck roll was more tender, not the same. What do I know? It LOOKS good.


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No photoshopping here

Thats straight off the camera!

I saw Dennis' matching grill, but I want a different color. Maybe the brown/blue like Tony's. I CERTAINLY dont want a matching one now that everyones making fun of it!!!

Its up to 163* now, and the temp is steady at 250 dome. Its nice and dark and starting to ooze some shiny juice out onto the bark. Not much in the drip pan at all right now. Seems like it might be lean...I am so tempted to hack a slice off the end and see how it would be as a roast!


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The results are in...

I cooked it for about 10 hours at 250, until it came out of its plateau. Then I bumped the temp up to about 325. Unsure of the meat, I was cooking it for pull, but after getting into it, I think it would be better as a roast.

After 12 hours on the grill it was certainly tender, but there wasnt alot of fat in it. Just one small thread (about 1/8") across the middle. It had excellent flavor, but was slightly dry for my taste (the wife disagrees). I covered my bases when I saw that there wasnt alot of grease in the drip pan, by making up a nice juice. I figured it was going to be used to either thin some rasp/chipotle sauce or it was going to be used to juice up the meat if damage control was in order :shock: .

It was one big muscle, so I ended up cutting it into about 1.5 inch slices and pulling that apart into chunks. It was like post roast, without the pot :)

To make the juice, I finely chopped a small onion, and cooked it down over about a tbsp of butter until translucent and very soft. I then added about 3-4 tablespoons of sherry, and reduced it by about half. Added 2 cups of beef broth (made from a tub of beef base), about a tablespoon of w-shire sauce, and about 2 teaspoons of thyme. Simmered it for a while, and kept it warm.

The extended family, who were here to eat it, preferred the added flavors of the the juice, so I poured the juice over the meat. It soaked it up beautifully, and tasted great. Sorry, no pictures before the horde got it :o I still have half of it left, I will try to get a picture cut across the middle of it, showing the interior of the cut.

My conclusion: I would get another of these - they have great flavor at <$2/lb. I think the next time I will cook it more like a roast, a little higher heat, and either foil it for the second half, or finish it in a dutch oven with a little juice in it.

Next stop...a proper chuck roll. But I have to wait a week or two to get rid of some leftovers!

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