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Skirt Steak

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These were awesome! My wife marinaded them with the Pioneer Woman skirt steak marinade (google it) an they were delicious.

Here's the recipe:

Hot mesquite fire cooked on the lower grate. This was the first time I cooked with the Lid Open. I wanted a good char on them and was afraid with the lid closed that they would cook too fast. It worked perfectly, about 3 minutes per side.post-983-139964731547_thumb.jpg

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Looks wonderful.  I remember when skirts were nice and cheap.  Now they jacked the price up.  We served them at a couple of dinner parties and everyone went nuts because of the flavor.  You really can't find good steak nowadays with the same flavor as you can get from some skirts.

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Those look great.. I'm a BIG FAN of the cut across the grain meats..

Tri Tips then flankskirt,  flat iron and hanger steaks.

Dem be da beefy-est flavored meat on da cow!


man, i'm with you dennis!  sirloin has always been my favorite for that reason...  all those you mentioned, and i would add top round cut for LONDON BROIL...  london broil and tri tips are such good, straight-up roasts for the grill.  cook rare and slice thin across the grain...  can't eat it fast enough...

NORMSTAR - those are beeyoooteeful flank steaks!  great char!  did you get any pics of the plating? 

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