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  1. Cooked them on the middle grate over a super hot mesquite fire with lots of butter basting! Just wanted to keep it simple and not do a reverse sear, and hey came out great! Had to use a lot of intuition to tell when they were done, because the internal temp was still very low, but once the cap started to separate I pulled them and let rest for 10 mins. Total cool time was around 14 minutes I think. I now realize that I greatly prefer a 24oz bone-in ribeye, that’s the perfect size and thickness for me. These were just too thick and even cooked perfectly I didn’t like the texture as much. Maybe a reverse sear with a longer cool time may give more rendering and a better texture? I’ll try that next time!
  2. Hi all! I’m cooking a couple 32 ounce dry age bone in ribeyes tomorrow night and would like to hear your recommendations on how to cook them? I typically get 24oz steaks and cook them on the lower grades over a hot fire about three minutes per side. But these steaks are very thick and intimidating!
  3. Merry Christmas all! I’m cooking two Chateaubriand’s tonight (about 2.5lbs each) and cannot decide if I should cook them on the middle grate or the high grate. Was thinking about roasting them 325 degrees. What do y’all think!?
  4. Wow great job and what great service! Rib Cap is my favorite cut but it’s super hard to find. They actually have it on the menu at The Edge steakhouse at the Ritz in Rancho Mirage, CA. Great job cooking that baby! I have 2 in the freezer, think I’ll have to make one this weekend now - and I’ll try the skillet in the KK technique.
  5. That's normal, I recall doing that for several cooks as well. Doesn't hurt anything. Next time try basting those steaks with a stick of butter every time before turning them! Makes lots of flame but an incredible crust.
  6. Cool Dennis! Right from So Cal. Too bad they don't have a pack of Dodger Dogs as well.
  7. I think you would need some very firm fish to cook it on the seat grate without it falling apart. I use the main grate, but am going to try up high like Mguerra suggested!
  8. Thanks! Im going to order the book as well. And Wilbur, that is the tastiest looking brisket I've ever seen!
  9. Starch and sugar is bad, it makes you fat! Meat and veggies are the way to go. Healthy fats are very good, and many fats you may think are unhealthy may actually be ok. And I OF COURSE indulge in massive cheat meals at least once a week! I also work out a lot Nd eat every 3 hours. Good luck all
  10. normstar

    15.6 lb Butt

    16 hours total, pulled at 195 degrees. This was my first time cooking a bone-in, and there were quite a few bones in it! Tasted great tho.
  11. normstar

    15.6 lb Butt

    12 hours in, she's doing great! KK was awesomely temperature stable overnight, especially since I put this monstrous butt on before it was heat soaked. I used very little airflow so the temp would rise slowly, so as not to overshoot, and it worked beautifully.
  12. normstar

    15.6 lb Butt

    Hello gents, Picked up this baby today and I'll be smoking her tonight. 15.6lb home-in butt from Cooks Pork (quite possible the best pork this side of Iberico - www.cooks pigs.com). It's got a thick fat cap and skin on, so I scored the skin very deep, all the way to the meat, and will smoke it at about 225-240 ideal for as long as it takes. Has anyone done a butt this big? Would greatly appreciate any tips.
  13. What a great story! I'm sorry I missed this, I'm in Palm Springs several times a month for work. Would have helped any way I could. Where are you at in the desert Howard? I go to Eisenhower hospital quite frequently, and stay at the new Ritz whenever I can get a rare below my expense budget. Very happy you got your grill back!!'
  14. Wow thank you guys, great info and I appreciate the fast response! My wife, well really the kids, foiled my plan so it didn't happen. But I plan on trying this technique very soon with some Cooks Pigs Pork!
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