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Blackmores Wagyu Short Rib Meat

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This is the Blackmores Wagyu Short Rib meat for the weekend.


The meat was rubbed with Mad Hunky GP Rub and will be smoked on the Komodo Kamado.


The Komodo all loaded up


On she goes onto the grill for dinner


This is the rib meat at 180F after 8 hours, starting to get hungry :-) with a little bit of shrinkage. I've just brushed on some BBQ sauce that will set over the next hour.


After 9 hours I took it off at 195F. It was incredibly tender and delicious, thanks to the Mad Hunky. This was the most amount of smoke I've tasted on any meat. It was smoked with cherry and apple, the smoke flavor tasted amazing :-)


Plated with a red wine jus and mashed potato.


It was an expensive cut of meat, tasted amazing but I wouldn't spend this much again. I want to master rib meat on the bone next.

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Wagyu must be much less expensive there, Dennis, than it is here, even from our domestic suppliers. Even at Ruth's Chris (pricey steakhouse), a  prime grade ribeye is typically $40 and weighs in at a pound. So, you're saying you can get wagyu there for under $15/lb? WOW!!! The same steak here is going to be $45 - $70/lb, depending on supplier.

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