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Fig wood

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Ok so i have a neighbor that there fig tree died this winter and i have got the ok for grabbing the old wood.


Has anyone tried it i did see a couple of comments in the web about it been good but hard to get hold of.  Here in South Philly we seem to have a lot of fig trees and i guess i could keep a reasonable supply of it for a while :)


As a follow up would cutting using an electric chainsaw put to much oil in the wood from the blade or just go for it and not worry rather than trying to cut using the table saw.

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Well i can confirm that the sweet flavor is figging amazing. :)


Last night threw a bit on while doing a grill of the salmon tail and it came out sweet and with a great fruity flavor.


If i can figure out how to use tapatalk i will post a picture of it.


I also got told dont give away any of the wood so my suggestion is if you can find some do and add it to the flavors :)

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I used a batch of fig wood about a decade ago, for spareribs and such. Apparently the "farmer" who delivered it to Monterey Market in Berkeley pulled up in a car somewhat north of $100K.


I found it delicious but a bit "distinctive". This is a spice, and one wants the primary impression to be the stellar hunk of protein itself, not the spicing. So this calls for moderation. It's easy to get enamored with new toys, but in cooking, if your guests even notice the odd ingredient, you've lost. Instead, they should simply be wondering why the food tastes so good. Were I using it again, I'd blend it with the vanilla ice cream of the smoking woods world: Apple. In a smoke pot.

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