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Big Ol' Meatloaf

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Made the following meatloaf on my mexi-K:

1#ground pork

1#ground beef

1#ground turkey

1/2 lg red onion, finely diced

1 red bell pepper, finely diced

4 stalks celery, finely diced

1 c. freshly toasted breadcrumbs

1 t. garlic powder

2 eggs, beaten

looks nice, but tasted a little bland. next time, additions like ketchup, rooster sauce, and oregano will kick things up. looks real nice, tho. adapted the recipe a little bit from one i picked up on the BGE forum...


rolled it up in one of those fancy aluminum grill protectors from wally world. got that idea off the BGE forum too...


badly lit pic of a lumpsaver full of burning lump. meatloaf was cooked indirect at 425 for an hour or so.


the finished loaf! will be putting this on low-carb buns for sammiches, or


just by itself, topped with low-carb homemade bbq sauce!

give it a shot with your favorite meatloaf recipe! came out nice and smokey

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great idea!

thanks for sharing porkchop. I like the idea with the rolled screen. I did a meatloaf recently on a piece of aluminum foil, over direct heat. The bottom charred just a little, and it broke some as I lifted it out. Also, I think I will try indirect with a drip pan next time. Since i usually coat my meatloaf with some sort brown sugar/ketchup paste, or a spice crust, the screen will likely pull it all off. folding one in half, and bending it to form a makeshift cradle might be just the ticket.

You have inspired me!

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They make a long cradle-like pan for cooking long loaves of bread. It's rather M shaped in cross section, with the middle part rounded to cook the bread in. Shallow legs. The bottom of the cradle isn't far up from the oven surface. Not sure where I've seen one. Maybe that would work for a m'loaf so the crust doesn't come off, F'monkey?

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If Sanny is talking about the one like I have (which is m shaped), it is a double french baggett tray, that is open on the ends and made out of something simular to a pizza screen - maybe a bit stronger though.

And yeah, that seems like a really cool idea.

I also saw Alton Brown do it on just a rotisserie last night. Packed the ground meat tight, put in freezer to firm up and then placed on rotisserie with prongs along the outside (not piercing the meat) just incase it fell off.


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