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I'll just take the Vodka, thanks!   I've lost 40 pounds in the past year and all that grease just means I'll have to let my belt out another notch!  No thanks!  

Hey, anyone here try a relatively new vodka ... Tito's vodka.  It's out of Austin, TX and is one of the best values in vodka I've run across.  You can spend a lot more for Great Goose, etc. but when all is said and done, Tito's is my go to.  Cheers!

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38 minutes ago, tony b said:

If I remember right, you don't have a CostCo near you (or was it Trader Joe's?), Ken, but their house brand (Kirkland) vodka is great and a great bargain, too. There's rumors that it's Grey Goose, just packaged with their label. 

Not a CostCo here in Oklahoma (YET!) because of our antiquated liquor laws.  Can't get refrigerated high point beer, wines, etc.  However, we just passed laws that will allow for such in the near future.  I've heard of Kirkland from friends in TX.  Looking forward to trying it soon.  

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Got the joke, Doc. One of our local breweries makes a Russian Imperial Stout called Gazprom and the logo on the accompanying t-shirt is a shirtless Putin riding on the back of a bear. I have one. It's hilarious. It's an annual beer, so there's always a release party for it and the kitchen makes up special "Putin" for it.


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