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Roosevelt Beans, anyone?

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I guess this comes under Misc. Banter since it doesn't have to be cooked on a KK(and, to be honest, I never have).

The recipe is from the Roosevelt Lodge at Yellowstone National Park: It's right there on the 2nd page of their menu. 

Try it, it makes a great side or even a main course served with toast or crackers. I add another half-pound of ground beef to the recipe since I tend to cook it as a meal in itself, like chili.

The nice thing about it is that you can cook it just about anywhere you have a heat source. I usually do it outside on the Genesis side burner but we've been drowned with rain the last couple days so I cooked it on the cooktop today. I've browned the meat and onions on a burner and left the rest of the cook under a rack of ribs on the smoker. It's just one of those recipes you can cook pretty much anywhere, anyhow, in anything.




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