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  1. I just want to say I wish each and everyone of you the best in this new year!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR🎈
  2. Beans beans they’re good for your heart the more you eat the more you want more lol!! Nice looking chill Mac great on a cold wintery day.
  3. Hello everybody! I haven’t been posting much lately but I do log on just about everyday to see what’s going on and checking out all the wonderful cooks and pictures. Today though I would like to wish everybody a “Happy Thanksgiving”!! I’m thankful for all the people who are KK owners and forum members for all the great cooks and pictures you post and share with us! Have a great day
  4. Beautiful set up! I also like the background.
  5. Hello everybody a follow up on my purchase of the vermiculite musui kamado. I made some rice in it and it was the best rice I’ve ever made! Sorry no pictures but then I made some waterless minestrone soup and it turned out great very tasty. Just wanted to share that with you all. Have a wonderful Thanks Giving!!
  6. While reading and watching Macs butternut squash dinner and her saying how she liked the vermiculite system, I ended up buying one! It’s going to be delivered next week. It’s my early Christmas present to myself. It’s been a long time since I last posted something but I do log on a lot just to see who is cooking and looking at the great meals you all post! Just wanted to say hello to all kamado friends.
  7. Your Mac and cheese looks yuuuuumy Mac and that salad looks especially delicious! Are those all veggies from your garden?
  8. Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there!! Happy grilling.
  9. Amazing cook Tekobo, your guest must have been very surprised and happy to have a 5 star meal Ike that! Congratulations
  10. Beautiful set up! Looking forward to pictures of some cooks.
  11. Oh wow Jon’s that’s making my mouth water! Now I want to make some lol
  12. Jon’s that’s aright tasty looking dinner! Nice cook yum.
  13. Making me hungry Tony! Nice cook. Have you ever had German potatoe salad? My dad used to make it and it was delicious.
  14. Basher I don’t think they plug tires here in US anymore. They usually patch them from the inside and won’t do anything if is the sidewall.
  15. Wow Charles nice looking rig!! Sorry about the tire bummer. Your going to have lots of fun in that set up. Hello
  16. Very nice truck Charles! Guess the 5th wheel mobile home will be next lol! My daughter wanted a pet so she bought herself a Great Dane puppy. Alas they grow very fast so she bought a pickup truck to haul him around! The things we do for our pet friends lol
  17. I’ve got crispy skin it’s 84 degrees out today LOL!
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