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Smoking woods of Australia- and other countries

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Thought I’d share a favourite table I’ve used. All woods can be found in Australia and plenty in other countries.

i highly recommend exploring different timbers. As a rule of thumb, stay away from soft woods, especially sappy trees like pine and mango. 


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Nice Charts Tony.

Have you worked through the list?

Not sure why they warn you off Eucalypt wood. There are 700 different species of this tree and I can't think of one being soft. 

Most wood burning restaurants here will burn eucalyptus logs, particularly ironbark.

For lump charcoal is Gidgee Wood- I havent tried the coco Yet. Gidgee is rated the 3rd hardest wood in the world at 1,300kg per cubic meter.



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I understand Eucalyptus working as charcoal but as a smoking wood I'd be concerned that the high oil content would impart off flavors.

Eucalyptus oil of course is very aromatic but not the type of flavor profile I would want to eat..

Super dense woods like Gidgee are extremely slow growing.. which means they should probably be conserved not cut down for charcoal.
Why cut down a tree that is hundreds  or possibly thousands of years old for charcoal?

Just my 2 cents.. as someone who has guilt issues over all the trees I've milled over the last 30 years. 

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