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Brisket Reheat

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So yesterday was my first Brisket cook on the KK.  Set up a full basket of lump and placed the 2 qt smoking pot on the fire. All morning the KK was holding 225 - 250 degrees. Still not getting the smoking pot to work as hoped. Getting smoke early in the cook but it doesn’t seem to smoke very long. I ended up adding some wood directly to the lump to create more smoke. Before heading out on a pontoon ride I moved the smoking pot hoping to ensure that my coals would continue to burn. I ended up with the opposite and by the time I got back from pontoon ride the coals were pretty much out. Long story short I finished the brisket at about 9pm and did the FTC method for two hours and then vacuumed sealed the whole brisket and iced it down to cool it. Today I’m planning on serving the brisket and thinking about reheating via Sous Vide. Before cooking the brisket was about 8.5lbs. Looking for suggestions on sous vide temperature and time.



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Yes, Sous Vide is a magical tool. Perfect for a re-heat like this. Given the size, I'd plan on at least 2-3 hours to reheat a piece of meat this big. 

At very low temps, like you were targeting, the smoker pot has to sit pretty much right on top of the lit coals to work effectively. And yes, one of the downsides is that burn patterns in lump charcoal are pretty random - impossible to predict which direction in the basket it will burn, so centralize your initial light and place the smoker pot directly over it - then hope for the best. 

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