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Zucchini Boats

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Fresh from the garden, 3 med- lrg zucchini stuffed, drizzled with sauce and dumped on with cheese. Stuffing was a Pepperidge farms with Italian herbs, added 1 med shallot, 1 halve of red and orange sweet pepper , 1 clove garlic, stick of celery, some basil, chive, or green onion top and whats in arms reach you like, all diced and sauteed down. Add chicken broth to boil and add stuffing to mix, let sit. Fry up Italian sweet sausage, dice and add to mix. Scoop out boats and cook on KK at 350 top shelf to desired tenderness, 45 min, has a little crisp still present. Add sauce to top, close and let sit a couple then add parm mozzer mix cheese. I used apple to smoke, on top naked. Great as a main course or sliced for hors de hourves. Some sour cream might work to garnish however, I didn't try. Inspired by a fried provolone breakfeast seen recently. Pennsylvania beer. Tasty





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Thanks Syzygies, but I believe all of those parts were there in one form or another except, the eggs. I'll remember em the next time but, it all stayed together well. Summertime...live it, love it, kiss it,.. for it will soon be gone

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