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  1. Home Brew Festival

    Great spot ! Now you just need to haul a KK out there and cook up some goodies to go with the brew. Beer Nuts, thats great lol. Any of you enter your beers for judging or do the Homebrewcon ? I'm still an AHA member but its been a while since I had time to brew.
  2. My first cook - ribs and a small butt

    Nice job! So how does it feel?? Brand new awesome cooker and first cook looking like picture perfect :-) zo0
  3. My first cook - ribs and a small butt

    Yep Mackenzie , they lookin sweet ! Sauce or no sauce?
  4. My first cook - ribs and a small butt

    moar pics!!
  5. My first cook - ribs and a small butt

    LOL , Paul, thats exactly what I thought ! Take care with the ribs tho, you can dry them out easy. Zo0 And no, if you using it right It dont stay white
  6. A new KK? that is the gift that will keep on giving !! Great ideas from all above me there . I'm a gadget girl too and I love my digiQ DX, it also has thermo for the meat . Makes it soo easy to set and forget. PIzza stone a must. I love my steel but Pequod has it right there, wish they had the round grill when I bought mine. For the thermometers I have Range by Supermechanical for when I'm doing a ton of butts or brisket ( ribs are done when they done ) They're great remote thermos with apple app ( the only downside ) for remote viewing and alarm for done and multiple meats. I also use them for inhouse cooking, yogurt making, and brewing . Range Dial here I skipped over two pages to get here so sry if i missed somethn' . You are going to have a blast ! Remember, these cookers have multiple grill surfaces so you can cook two or more stacks of food.
  7. Franklin BBQ

    Oh no !! Now that is the definition of a tragedy. I bought his book, very interesting read . Zo0
  8. Firefighters eat pigs they saved

    I respect vegans a whole lot more than they respect me. Humanely raised, what more do they want ? Great story . If they didn't want us to eat animals why did they make them out of meat?? smirk
  9. Hammered KK

    I didn't read all 10 pages but to whom did you hand over the cash?? LOL Hell hath no fury etc. . . . . But still made me clench to see the poor thing all banged up. You will love it and it will love you i'm sure . Zo0-
  10. SLightly Used - 23" Drk Autumn Nebula 4Sale

    Holey Mary WHAT a setup LOL. All you're missing is the Big Bad !! I take it you entertain. a Lot!! Grill on! z
  11. New basket Roti cook wingz !

    Thanks Keith for the super fast shipping on this must have accessory ! Wings is only the first thing im going to do. The basket makes it soo easy to just set and forget. No more standing over the KK turning the wings every 5 minutes, just tumble done. See what you think. Honey garlic apple smoked. https://goo.gl/photos/EvFCs13hvsyDvXd98 I had to put some extra wire across the sides because I cut the wings and they fell out but it was an easy fix, one I'll make more permanent but the basket needs this on a revision. I have a SS smokerbox I use for everything now, Thanks to all those who posted about the dutch oven pot hack but I just could not bring myself to profane any cast iron bit for that. I have a special place in my heart for cast iron. I've a wonderful set that was my Gran's and its seasoned like teflon so it just, I couldn't do it even on a cheap chinese pot. I digress. Half hour at 350 on the tru Temp. Marinate for 30 minutes in 1/3 cup Tamari soy , crushed garlic to taste ( 1 fresh clove here) Dash of chipotle tabasco, Tb Hoisin sauce And just a bit of honey to start. After you basket the wings take the leftover sauce and reduce in the Micro ( cover it !!) then add a shipload of honey , stir in well. drizzle on the wings 3 x in the last ten minutes . I sprinkled sesame seeds on them too and they toasted up nicely. Plate and feast .
  12. Pizza on the komodo kamado for the first time

    OK so no to the cornmeal ! Thanks for the clarify . I've done it both ways and you do have to scrape the corn off or it burns too . Parchment is ridiculously expensive for what it is and did I mention I was cheap?? Whatever works, You do an amazingly great looking pie. Zo0
  13. Pizza on the komodo kamado for the first time

    Interesting. What is your thinking on the double double stones there? I get why on the top rack and stone but why the other? I mean you cant argue with THAT awesome result as it works but just curious. Only setup I have not tried I stopped using paper and started using cornmeal tho, got tired of pulling chared bits of it off the bottom. Shape the dough , or toss when you get good at it lol, on flour then transfer to mealed peel, dress and deposit. YMMV Zo0
  14. New basket Roti cook wingz !

    Snail mail?? yeah guess so ;-( Let me know next time your in alden or Marilla ! z
  15. Pizza on the komodo kamado for the first time

    That is some seriously great Pie ! Dennis Stone? wood or charcoal? Any other tidbits you would care to pass on ? Zo0
  16. OctoForks New Twist on a Roti Shaft

    I just grabbed the basket ! Wings on the KK in a basket? zomgrd. Zo0
  17. Requis, Congrats on your new grill!! Did the kids pick out the colour? cuz I gotta say that grill will be handed down for ages !! Good call on the build out, cottages are nice but getting up the 400 is a nightmare ,assuming yer anywheres near the GTO. You are going to have an absolute ball cooking on that beauty ! Meat, veges, pies, cookies and PIZZA!!!! Zo0
  18. KK in FORBES editorial (again;-)

    Kevin LOL, yes I got that email from bbq guru too. srysly What were they thinking?? Most advanced. so trumpian in its claims. Yugo or a Lada? s
  19. I use whole wheat berries to start my sourdough and fresh berries are important. You can get them in any health foods or whole foods store or your local co op if you are so lucky. In a glass 2 pint mason jar: 3½ tablespoons (1 ounce, 28.5 grams) any flour, any grind (100%). I use 50/50 white wheat then only wheat there after. ¼ cup (2 ounces, 56.5 grams) filtered or spring water, at room temperature (about 70°F/21°C) (200%) Add a teaspoon of wheat berries , stir. put on a loose fitting lid and put in warm area until it starts to bubble, stirring at least once everyday to aerate . That is the seed culture. All the recipes i've read say toss half the seed and keep adding as above but Ill be hellandbound if I am going to toss out perfectly good food ! I Just continue to build this seed 3 times, and use that , skipping the mother starter usually and just use the fresh seed to start my dough. Peter Reinhardt has pretty specific instructions and his are the books I own and use. I highly recommend for reading anything by him. I do have copy's that I can loan if anyone whats to read them. zo0
  20. So what other grills do you own?

    Hmmm, looks like I have a total of 4 . The KK which does anything that needs a steady temp, bread, cookies, pies, and meats. Plus everything else we eat if I dont have to shovel too much or the wind is under 20 . New Weber OK and KettlePizza just for wood fired pizza. Old POS Charbroil gasser that we use when I'm too lazy, its too cold or I just want a hotdog/burger quick. One table top CharGriller that we take camping or picnics. (those things are built like tanks !) Looks like I have an addiction too *heavysigh* zo0
  21. Our deck was built to support a hot tub but I move the KK around on a regular basis just to spread out the wear. It's only 3 feet off the ground but good point none the less. There have been a few deaths in this area because of this. Well mostly if you cant put more than 10 ppl in an elevator WTH would you put 20 on your 4th flr deck?? Not so common any more . :_)
  22. Corned beef question

    I just realized I did not in any way respond to the OP *facepalm* And I cannot edit my original post *faceslap* Points are the fattier bits of a brisket so if you corn it and smoke it you end up with pastrami. If you do something similar to what i posted above, you get more traditional american Irish dinner. Corned beef is not BBQ brisket as we know it . HTH zo0
  23. Corned beef question

    I have done quite a few corned beef briskets on the KK. I soak them in beer, Guinness export works best, have used a belgian ( forget who's ) then I cook the veggies in the salty beer and put that all back together in a dutch oven to simmer on the KK after smoking the brisket on the kk OK wait that makes no sense lol . so : Soak brisket in non hoppy beer . However long you have time for, 24 or less. Rub brisket with ( it changes every yr. Smoke brisket for a few 3 hours. Cook veges, Potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, parsnips in half left over beer and home made chicken stock, bay leaf, pepper. Combine all in bigased dutch oven and back on the still going KK, no lid, simmer till stock gets low about 2 hrs, refill with stock, lid on, dinner in 3 or so hours. Thats about a day to do this and I change it up every year cuz it can always be improved , usually. most times. well we ate it anyway Pics tomorrow as I'm starting this now. Zo0
  24. I did'nt think we got as much as even by the airport so only 8' ? Sounds like you live close by so if you can get the Piggery meats, treat yourself to a real hot dog ! With Weber mustard of course !! lol so yes, they were terrific, Sahlens do not compare