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  1. Dennis, can we pick up Coco at the warehouse and skip the shipping?
  2. Still not sure if I can pick up at the warehouse, or not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'm so close to taking the plunge on a cabinet. Can't decide on a single drawer that fits next to the KK or a two-drawer on wheels. I do like the SS lining throughout. I'm working with Dennis on this and it brings me back to the anxiety (which was unfounded and unnecessary) and anticipation of my first order ever. That order literally changed the way I live and experiment with BBQ and food. I'll tell ya, my boys certainly can say with good certainty that their friends aren't eating homemade pizza from the grill or two kinds of pork BBQ at a meal or homemade pastrami!
  4. Tucker, you'll be so happy. Davey and I packed his into a moving truck with an armful of moving blankets and ratcheting straps and it was just fine. Good luck!
  5. That looks so good. Can you point us to a recipe? We love grainy seedy bread.
  6. Can we drive to the warehouse and pickup?? I'd rather avoid the shipping charge and spend more on char. Especially since I'm < 2 hrs away!
  7. Those look so good. I just can't find a good rack of short ribs where I am. What I do find have so much meat cut off that you can almost see all 4 sides of the bones. Even the butchers don't have them. I guess they can be ordered, but the price of beef here is sky-high to the point I do large chuck roasts instead of brisket. Anyone around Philly that knows where I can get good beef ribs---I'm all ears!
  8. Davey, did you buy your cabinet?
  9. I've be saving my CoCo from my KK purchase years ago like it was more valuable than gold. In the meantime, I use RO lump, but only the stuff made in the USA (or at least stamped that way.) Was buying at Depot, but the bags keep getting smaller and the price going up. Just saw it for something like $9.97 for 15.4 pounds (the .4 pounds is probably the ubiquitous rock that seems to be in EVERY bag.) It used to be $12 something and was a bigger (17lb) bag. However, I did just see RO USA lump at WalMart, in a 17lb bag for $9 something, so I will stock up there. I haven't been able to connect with anyone even remotely local to do a CoCo share in the Philadelphia area, otherwise I would just bite the bullet and shell out. Probably get some smoking wood too. In the meantime, I guess I'll stick with the RO.
  10. I just posted again to a previous post about sharing a coco order in/near Philadelphia, but it didn't show up in the recent posts, so I am trying this again. I'd like to join with someone to share 40 boxes of coco and maybe some coffee wood or char if allowed. Please reply if interested. I don't have access to a loading dock, so that would be helpful if someone does.
  11. Never found anyone to share with, but I'm still looking to split a pallet of 40 boxes. Not sure if we can add or substitute some coffee char in there, but I'm outside Philadelphia and someone has got to want it as bad as I do! I only have 3 precious boxes!
  12. What a crying shame. I went out and hugged my KK just now. I would kiss it, but the cold would make my tongue stick to the tiles.
  13. I also would like one. I couldn't make the high temp gasket sealer stay, no matter how clean I got both pieces. This seems like a great solution.
  14. I cooked for about 5 1/2 hours. Cranked it up to about 300 for the last 1/2 hour to put the glaze on.
  15. And the final the time we ate it was FREEEEZING outside and I hurried to plate the meat and serve it.