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  1. I just posted again to a previous post about sharing a coco order in/near Philadelphia, but it didn't show up in the recent posts, so I am trying this again. I'd like to join with someone to share 40 boxes of coco and maybe some coffee wood or char if allowed. Please reply if interested. I don't have access to a loading dock, so that would be helpful if someone does.
  2. Never found anyone to share with, but I'm still looking to split a pallet of 40 boxes. Not sure if we can add or substitute some coffee char in there, but I'm outside Philadelphia and someone has got to want it as bad as I do! I only have 3 precious boxes!
  3. What a crying shame. I went out and hugged my KK just now. I would kiss it, but the cold would make my tongue stick to the tiles.
  4. I also would like one. I couldn't make the high temp gasket sealer stay, no matter how clean I got both pieces. This seems like a great solution.
  5. I cooked for about 5 1/2 hours. Cranked it up to about 300 for the last 1/2 hour to put the glaze on.
  6. And the final the time we ate it was FREEEEZING outside and I hurried to plate the meat and serve it.
  7. One of my favorite things to cook on the KK is Char Siu Pork. I stopped at Costco earlier in the week and bought 12lbs of boned shoulder. Cut into 2 inch steaks and marinated with soy sauce, hoisin sauce, rice wine vinegar, cooking sherry, garlic, Chinese five spice, onion, siracha, and probably one or two other things to throw in just because.... It's 21 degrees out and the wind is blowing 20-25 mph. I'm struggling to keep the temp stable because of the wind and I don't have anything to make a shield right now as we recently moved. The old location had a fence on 2 sides so it kept some of the wind out. I ran out of decent smoking wood so I just placed an order with Fruita Wood for some hickory and post oak. I had some maple that's not the best, but it will have to do, so I'm using that. Oh, I forgot, there a small boneless ham in there with the char siu. I didn't want it to get lonely! Hopefully I won't forget to post pics of the money shot.
  8. I'm content with the way it is right now.
  9. I use Fast 505 and a Magic Eraser. Super clean and great on the top hat, especially the metal band.
  10. Weber wax cubes
  11. Thank you! I've made english muffin bread in the oven and everyone raves. Can't wait to do this. maybe cook some bacon on the KK when done! Breakfast in the yard!
  12. Mac, are you willing to share your recipe?
  13. Again, I doubled the spices and thought I really needed more. But I DO like things savory so you may not want to do the same.
  14. Made my own gyros for Super Bowl. Used Alton Brown's recipe from the Food Network site. Heavily modified to add double the spices as a few comments said the standard recipe was bland. So I took the chance. Also used ground beef and turkey as the ground lamb was $8.99 a lb! It came out juicy and smoky and flavorful, but it was missing something. I think more garlic and pepper and maybe more marjoram. Needless to say, we liked it a lot.
  15. Sorry. Does the new drip pan cover more area than the round one that came with the grill? Since it's shaped like the inside of the KK, how much gap is left around the edge between the pan and the sides of the grill when it's centered?