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  1. Sneak Peak ~ KK 3/8" A36 Baking Steel

    Dennis, are you well and completely done with this idea? My wife is looking for gift ideas for me and I thought one of the baking steels/griddles would be nice...
  2. Turkey Day!

    We took a family vote and it was decided to brine and smoke the turkey this year. I made an executive decision to dry brine instead of wet and based on the results, I won't be going back to soaking a bird again. I think the combination of a fresh turkey and the brine made it the moistest and most flavorful turkey we've had in a very long time. I only brined for one day, but understand I could have gone for 2-3, so I will try that next time. I was concerned about the meat being too salty, but that wasn't an issue and even the drippings made for a great gravy. Since I made my own gravy with bird parts earlier in the week, I was careful not to add salt and am glad I did, since the dripping were certainly saltier than they would normally be, without the brine. Combined, the gravy was good enough. Four hours and three chunks of maple and this was the result. The turkey was dark--not overdone, but I had a scare when I realized the grill probe was closer to the grates and the top of the 23lb turkey was much higher in the dome so it was cooking at better than 325 for a good bit. Caught it just in time and covered with foil for the remainder of the cook.
  3. Pizza night

    Couple of pizza's we did last month. Best ones I've ever made, although I had to quadruple the dough recipe. I don't know how the author thought anyone could get two pies from the amount of dough that would have been produced from the recipe. As it is, I got 2 good sized pies and a smaller one (not pictured because it got eaten before I could could snap the shot). One meat lovers, one veggie. Kids love loaded pies so I don't typically do the thin margherita-types. I did let the dough rest in the fridge overnight and it seemed to make it easier to work with.
  4. Lots of New Teak & Stainless Cabinets in Stock

    Thank you!
  5. Lots of New Teak & Stainless Cabinets in Stock

    This cabinet is just what I needed and looks awesome. Just got the cover for it and now I'll be protected from the elements. Never one to skip a challenge, when I saw the empty crate I wondered what I could do with it besides trash it. It occurred to me that I could use some pull-out shelves in the cabinet like some of you have, only you bought them with the cabinet. I was able to salvage wood from almost all of the crate, plane it down and cut it to size to make two shelves. They are on full extension slides and I lined each with a sheet of brushed stainless, like the top of the cabinet. It was more work that I had intended and of course it took longer than I wanted, but it wasn't too expensive and I think it looks ok. Certainly not furniture quality and I had to make some compromises to stick within my inventory of salvaged wood and I am proud to say I only needed to buy 1 piece of 2x2 and I had another on hand to make the cleats to mount the slides on, inside the cabinet.
  6. Beef ribs

    About 5 hours at 250. They were really nice.
  7. Beef ribs

    I've been moaning (and suffering) for some time now because I can't get beef ribs that are worth anything. Well, I finally did. And at $5.99 a pound, it was a bargain. Most of what I can get are stripped of almost all meat or are already pre-packaged and cut into small pieces. Going to a butcher results in eye-watering prices. But I got lucky this time. Done with my take on the coffee cardamom rub,which I usually use on beef.
  8. Lots of New Teak & Stainless Cabinets in Stock

    It's here! It came about 1/2 an hour after my post, long before 9am, so I've spent the morning unpacking, setting it up, getting my stuff out of the cellar and putting it in the cabinet, cleaning the KK and starting a fire for tonight's dinner. Dennis is making me a cover to keep it nice. I'm also probably going to order a custom slide-out shelf from this outfit that sells them. I bought a bunch for my kitchen when I moved in and they are great. The cabinet is really deep and there is no way I'm getting down on my hands and knees every time I need some equipment. Thanks Dennis, for continuing to make such wonderful things. Here are some picks of this gorgeous cabinet.
  9. Lots of New Teak & Stainless Cabinets in Stock

    According to the shipping company, the truck is "out for delivery". Sometime between 9 and 5, I will be having the same feeling I did about 5 years ago when I received and uncrated my KK. I really can't wait!
  10. Lots of New Teak & Stainless Cabinets in Stock

    Well I did it last night. This baby is bought and getting ready for shipment. Thanks Dennis for answering my questions--I think is was 3am his time when we spoke. Will be getting a cover for it too. Can't imagine how sweet it will be to not have to run to the basement to get this or that piece of equipment for my cook. Since I will no longer need the left-hand-side rod and tube hanging table I have, if anyone is interested in taking it off my hands, I'll let it go for cheap. No sense in it sitting around.
  11. Purple Crack and cherry beef ribs

    Man I'm jealous. Living outside the 5th largest city in the country and I just can't find beef ribs like this to cook.
  12. 186 boxes of CoCo Char in New Jersey!!

    Dennis, can we pick up Coco at the warehouse and skip the shipping?
  13. 186 boxes of CoCo Char in New Jersey!!

    Still not sure if I can pick up at the warehouse, or not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Lots of New Teak & Stainless Cabinets in Stock

    I'm so close to taking the plunge on a cabinet. Can't decide on a single drawer that fits next to the KK or a two-drawer on wheels. I do like the SS lining throughout. I'm working with Dennis on this and it brings me back to the anxiety (which was unfounded and unnecessary) and anticipation of my first order ever. That order literally changed the way I live and experiment with BBQ and food. I'll tell ya, my boys certainly can say with good certainty that their friends aren't eating homemade pizza from the grill or two kinds of pork BBQ at a meal or homemade pastrami!
  15. SLightly Used - 23" Drk Autumn Nebula 4Sale

    Tucker, you'll be so happy. Davey and I packed his into a moving truck with an armful of moving blankets and ratcheting straps and it was just fine. Good luck!