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  1. Re: Meltique Beef the world's finest larded meat? Why not let alice give the review!
  2. Re: Forum Upgrade-Upload multiple images at once! What happened to the view unread posts at the top of the pages?
  3. Re: Temperature Probes Maverick ET732 is the best out there for the money. ... 567&sr=8-1
  4. Re: Atlanta (pallet share) Well unfortunately I already have someone coming to purchase 4 boxes from me and that only leaves me 10 and I wish to keep these. Hopefully more people in this area will hear about it and you can get another pallet share together. Did a low and slow last night and this stuff rocks. Just load it, light it and sleep easy. I've got her cranked down and will check shortly how much is left. I used about half a box but I'm willing to bet there is still half the stuff left even after about 15 hours.
  5. Re: Atlanta (pallet share) Jeff Leising and I received our charcoal this week. Time to test it out. Thanks Dennis.
  6. Re: New Guru plug design finalized and in production What if we don't use a guru but just want to fill in the hole with something nice like this instead of the hunk of grout?
  7. Re: Not Bragging- Really! If you guys could brave the N'easter on the snowy roads then surely you could brave the back porch for a cook . We want reviews while we wait for ours.
  8. Re: Hall's Hill I agree, I assume this charcoal won't be cheap so there may not be enough wow factor to warrant the extra cost for just a great burn especially now that we have coco. I think the benefits of the coffee charcoal are going to be in the flavor, I would go with the real tasty version.
  9. Re: Indirect/Water? You can certainly use the water method however I think you will find that with this high end ceramic grill there is no need to introduce more moisture. There will be plenty as the ceramics retain the moisture extremely well.
  10. Re: Atlanta (pallet share) As Dennis has stated he has some great rates on shipping right now and a discounted price on the charcoal for KK owners. Dennis has quoted me a price to ship a pallet to my office in Stone Mountain and I am looking for someone to split this pallet with me. It would be roughly $390.00 for each of the two of us and we would each get 14 boxes. Thats about $27 per box. So please send me a PM or email if you are interested, thanks.
  11. Re: Of all the nerve!
  12. Re: I'm interviewed about KK on Kingsford's Very nice.
  13. Re: Pebble tile or Square tile? I vote #2, No FB account.
  14. Re: Pebble tile or Square tile? I'm going pebble on my next purchase, however it will be for a lake house.
  15. Re: Getting the KK to 500 degrees Also be sure to use PLENTY of charcoal.
  16. Re: Three Extruder Machines are in the House! Looks awesome Dennis.
  17. Re: New Blue Always be sure to use plenty of charcoal. Its much easier to control temps with a good fuel supply. I have never heard of anyone using the side polder tube hole to install a stick thermometer I can see how this could give false temps until the ceramic has stabilized. During high temp cooks the upper dome will definitely get hotter quicker than the lower sides. Congrats on your first cook it definitely gets easier as you learn the nuances of cooking on a KK.
  18. Re: Three Extruder Machines are in the House! This is great news since I only have one box of extruded left. So the big question is when do you think you will have your first shipment? Can't wait.
  19. Re: Saisuda my Wife and Endorphin Junkie.. You definitely married up!! Better keep dealing with the heat, and honoring her wishes, may not get so lucky again
  20. Re: It's Almost Here! You committed a cardinal sin and opened the top in mid cook.
  21. Re: Happy Holidays to all Salute!......To Dennis and all here...and may 2011 be happy and prosperous.
  22. Re: Dear Santa Ove Glove (Get Two)
  23. Re: New to forum from AU Oh, yeah, definitely the biggest piece of meat I've ever cooked. Took a month to eat it all.
  24. Re: New to forum from AU
  25. Re: Not much cooking going on