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  1. I'd love to see these too being a new customer next year
  2. They look superb!
  3. Sensational!
  4. Sounds like it's somewhere i definitely need to visit
  5. It's a Sierra Nevada glass but it was a pint of my homebrew
  6. Same here, nice and close to the beach and very luckily we have a pool, in and out of this all day:
  7. It is bloody hot! Where abouts are you based? I'm in ocean reef and it's nearly 38 here already! Have a great day too mate
  8. Awesome! One of, if not my favourite thing lamb shoulder on the kamado!
  9. Happy Aussie day, just cracking into my first beer, about to fire up the Kamado
  10. Thanks all, much appreciated.
  11. Thanks halfsmoke, greatly appreciated!
  12. Hi All, Im seriously considering a 23" Komodo kamado but was wondering if any of the forum members have gone through the process of importing one into Australia? I'm really trying to find out what the import costs (taxes and charges) would be so that I can get an idea of the total cost of getting one of these to my home. I'm in Perth, Western Australia and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hey Mac I made some bacon this weekend too, love home cured bacon!
  14. Hi Dennis, Thanks for the reply, that does indeed look huge! I think I can make it work with the two levels, albeit a little bit awkward. Just out of interest, are there any 32's in Australia that are ready for sale?
  15. Hi guys, Just a quick question about the 32 big bad, could you fit 4 pizza stones, 2 on the main grate and 2 on the upper grate and cook 4 pizzas at once?