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Less than Good News.. Rotator Cuff Surgery..

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Dennis, so sorry to hear about the shoulder (I am a tennis player and am around a lot of rotator cuff patients). That particular injury usually has, I'm afraid, a pretty extended recovery and rehab period. The only wisdom I can pass along from my friends is hit the rehab hard and really work it in the early stages, do everything they tell you to do, and don't get behind in your pain medications.

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On 8/6/2023 at 4:45 PM, braindoc said:

Sorry to hear this.

Pay attention to your rehab team.  This is not my field but I’ve had several patients who decided to do too much too soon and reinjured their shoulders.  

prayers/thoughts for a speedy recovery, Dennis - sorry that I missed this a couple weeks back.  Checking this forum has become sparse due to work.

Follow that PT plan to a tee!

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