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    Anything to do with cooking, smoking, or grilling. Longarm quilt artist. 2 fur kids and one wonderful hubby.

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  1. Wonderful! What temp were you shooting for and how thick were your chops? I had issues last night with my chops. Hoping to learn more about your success. Thanks
  2. Beautiful! Welcome to the family! I have had two of the old Richard Johnson's K's (1999 versions) and a Big Green Egg. This beats all! You will be so happy.
  3. Did a small pork picnic on the rotisserie, sorry no pics for this cook. Love our Thermoworks probes, they are the best. (Hint, Christmas?) Roast was small, could have easily been done it on my old RJ K3, but just wanted to play with the rotisserie. Issues with rotisserie, but Dennis came to the rescue, just several hours after a question. After having questions/issues with vendors with other ceramic cookers over the years, Dennis is the most refreshing person I have ever dealt with! Even though we are newbies with our 22" high top, but not to ceramic cooking, we are enthralled with our new KK. We have asked Dennis to build a matching baby KK (16.5" high top to match my bigger girl) and it should be here in the next several weeks. Can't wait! Just need to sell my old RJ K3 now. McKenzie, we will have twinies! OBTW, the rescused pork picnic was out of this world! Bark like no ever.
  4. Delicious looking! I am a fan of no knead bead done in cast iron pot. May need to adjust recipe to work in our KK and her a whirl.
  5. Sounds interesting, Aussie Ora, what does a mulberry taste like? You'll have to us know how it turns out. We'll be waiting to hear.
  6. Also, thank you for your tips on loktite". I also asked the same question to hubby.
  7. I would foil the wing tips or chop them off inn the future
  8. Thanks Bruce, you are the master!
  9. Done, go see it!
  10. Would love a separate PC section. Makes it easier to share. Have much to share with a PC and KKs owners and prospective buyers have much to navigate. My vote is YES.
  11. Spatchcock is one of my favorites to cook birdies. So nice. Trying to expand my reportrie. Your cook looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Bag of Ocean Spray or other fresh cranberries (12 oz) zest of one navel orange fresh squeezed orange juice (about a 1/4 cup) 1 large Granny Smith Apple or 2 small ones - peeled, deseeded, and roughly chopped 2/3 cup of sugar or up 1 cup depending on your taste (we like it a bit more tart) 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon Mix all in about a 4 quart PC, run it up to first red ring for about 5 minutes or so, let pressure come down naturally, set out warm and enjoy. Even better day 2! Recipe courtesy of Kuhn Rikon with a few adjustments.
  13. Thanks Mackenzie! Coming from you it's a huge compliment. I will post my cranberry sauce recipe on the recipe part of the forum. I suspect that you'll enjoy the fact that it's done in the PC. Easy peasy!
  14. Happy turkey day to all! Too chicken (pun indented) to try the rotisserie for turkey given my adventures earlier this week. Maybe next time. Still have another 12 1/2 lb in the freezer. After much debate decided to go with traditional turkey in a foil wrapped roaster and rack. While beautiful, juicy, and decilcous, didn't have much of the smokey flavor we love. Next time indirect on the main grill with a diffuser underneath or rotisserie. Meal was complete with fluffy mashed potatoes, sausage potato and bread stuffing cooked on the side, roasted cauliflower, and homemade cranberry Apple and orange sauce. Of course there was wine for all.
  15. Tony, thank you, you have to love home made stocks and the control you have over commercial ones. Once you taste homemade stock you will never go back. And Just roasting your veggies, etc on your KK and including it in an already cook in the next step in incredible. So easy while cooking on your KK. Go for it. I've cooked stock on a slow cooker, a braiser, and a pressure cooker. My preferce is now roasting on the KK and finishing in my pressure cooker. The braiser comes in as my second favorite, just my option. I really want a baby KK now, even I'm a newbie to compliment my bigger girl. Tried to snag a Black Friday deal from Dennis, but the one I wanted was already snagged up. Dennis confirmed. Boo hoo.