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  1. Are you still seeing ads still @MacKenzie when using Tapatalk?
  2. Hi All, The site has been upgraded to the latest maintenance version today. Main changes are to comply with the new GDPR security rules the EU will be going live with in a few weeks. There were also some other security updates in there as well. As always, please post back here if you see any issues. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the confirmation @MacKenzie
  4. churchi

    Tap talk

    Thanks for the confirmation @Tangles
  5. churchi

    Tap talk

    Ok sounds good. Thanks for testing. May have taken a moment to sync up with your phone. Sing out if there are any other issues.
  6. Hi All, The latest version of the Tapatalk plugin has been released by Tapatalk. I have now installed it on the site and re-enabled the plugin. There had been some issues with it over the past few days when it was enabled, but it looks like i may have ironed them out. Could i please get some people to test and report back if there are any issues. Thank you
  7. churchi

    Tap talk

    Still not working for you @5698k?
  8. churchi

    Tap talk

    Test to see if Tapatalk is working without issues
  9. churchi

    Tap talk

    Sorry guys, having a number of issues when i enable the plugin. Not sure of the root cause yet, but im working on bringing it back for you all. Please stand by.
  10. Hi All, The site has been upgraded to the latest maintenance release. No new features just some issues and security fixes. As always, please post back if you notice any issues. :) Cheers.
  11. Thanks for all the replies here. As it seems some people still use the software, we will continue to maintain it as best we can. This of course will depend on Tapatalk keeping their plugin updated. Appreciate the time taken to vote and write back.
  12. Hi All, Quick poll to see if Tapatalk is still required for this forum? With the recent lack of support from the Tapatalk team to get their plugins upgraded in a suitable time, i am wondering if this is still required for this forum or can the mobile skin be used in place of it? We will always prioritise security updates over features, and with the lack of support from Tapatalk (on IPB), I am questioning whether we should still be supporting this software on the forum. Wouldn't mind hearing from some of the members here around the use of Tapatalk. Thank you.
  13. churchi

    Lookout no ribs

    Awesome mate, looks killer. Can smash out one of them every weekend Great sunda arvo feed. You running at around 250F or so naked the whole way?
  14. churchi

    Aussie delivery experiences

    All good @BonFire, i have cleaned up the doubles for you
  15. The Tapatalk plugin has been disabled as it is causing issues on the new v4.3 site software. We will have to wait till the Tapatalk developers update their plugin to the new v4.3 software. According to this support post: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tapatalksupport/tapatalk-for-ipb-4-3-x-t39863.html It is in the works. So should only be a few days until it can be re-enabled. During the mean time, you should browse to the site and use the mobile friendly skin. Any issues please let me know. Cheers