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  1. @Syzygies thanks for the suggestion. The editing limit was set to 24 hours then not allow more editing, i have now made it unlimited. Lets see how that goes. This will allow you to go back and edit your posts where required. I have enabled the unlimited time editing for just the Owners group for the moment. If we need to expand to all the regular members group let me know. Cheers
  2. Unfortunately not a huge amount on the grill over the past few weeks. Did a brisket the other week and it was the best i had done, but not terrible good ill give it another go in a few weeks. Did a few racks of pork bellies as well. Damn they turn out good when done right What you been cooking recently?
  3. Hi All, The site has been upgraded to the latest version of forum software along with the forum skin. Just minor security updates were included in this release. This also fixed up the issues due to the SSL cert that was applied last weekend on the site by the hosting company. As always, please post back if you notice any issues. Cheers
  4. I have upgraded the Tapatalk plugin today. Changes: - Solved in app register issue- Removed StopForumSpam process when register from app As usual please post back if there are any issues. Cheers
  5. Can you guys run through some testing again please. Looks like i have fixed up all the SSL issues and the cert is now loading correctly
  6. Yep thats because all the links are using http:// instead of https:// like we want. http://komodokamadoforum.com/topic/9101-search-function-broke/?do=reactComment&comment=108883&reaction=3&csrfKey=feff5315d8dd0a25a4309c8a3fa09011 Thats an example there. Cache needs to be cleaned and a few other tweaks. Should have it back up and going shortly.
  7. Ok so an update, the issues are being caused by forced HTTPS on the site. I am working with the hosting company now to sort out the issues. Stand by for more updates.
  8. Hi All, Not sure whats the cause of the issues thats been posted about here, however there is a minor point release for the forum i will upgrade it to in the next 12 hours or so. Also a new skin version ill upgrade to as well. I hope those small updates will fix the issues, if not then we have a stable upgraded place to start debugging from. Stand by and ill post an update in the next 12 hours or so.
  9. Are you still seeing ads still @MacKenzie when using Tapatalk?
  10. Hi All, The site has been upgraded to the latest maintenance version today. Main changes are to comply with the new GDPR security rules the EU will be going live with in a few weeks. There were also some other security updates in there as well. As always, please post back here if you see any issues. Cheers
  11. Thanks for the confirmation @MacKenzie
  12. churchi

    Tap talk

    Thanks for the confirmation @Tangles
  13. churchi

    Tap talk

    Ok sounds good. Thanks for testing. May have taken a moment to sync up with your phone. Sing out if there are any other issues.
  14. Hi All, The latest version of the Tapatalk plugin has been released by Tapatalk. I have now installed it on the site and re-enabled the plugin. There had been some issues with it over the past few days when it was enabled, but it looks like i may have ironed them out. Could i please get some people to test and report back if there are any issues. Thank you
  15. churchi

    Tap talk

    Still not working for you @5698k?