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  1. The KK Police have been investigating and the arrest report will be filed soon!!
  2. That is a serious nice looking leg of lamb I must make a trip to the market to look for some to put on the roti. Thanks Aussie for the motivation!
  3. Sounds tasty, I do love lamb and goat is pretty good too.
  4. And then add a bad back, torn rotator cuff (s) and then the desire for less weight and same function becomes more clear. My Golden Years are more like tarnished brass, but still kickin it!!
  5. Question for Dennis, have you ever tried titanium grills to reduce weight? Yeah, I know they cost more money, but how much more??
  6. Make ramps to move your KK since it rolls beautifully.
  7. Meat and pesto? A winning combination!
  8. Do a photo of you standing closely next to the 23 and the same position for the 42 and that will shjow relative size.
  9. I too like the grate configuration. The grate weights are a concern for me in my 32 and are right at the limit of what I can now lift straight out in front of me, let alone bend over and lower into the well. I have thought about making the main and the lower (mid) grates two piece by welding 2 parallel rods across the center of the grates and then cutting between them. Looks like Dennis addressed this with the 42. I wonder if he made a one piece grate for the 42 AND THEN tried to lift it?? Could have been motivating for his design team...
  10. Judging by the photos it will be the entire yacht club.
  11. GolfPro2301, you are doing a fine job on the rebuild. How in the world did you get a weld on metal embedded in cement?? I would have thought it would have blown up!!??!! Really good work there
  12. I do believe you have the envy of just about every KK owner! A giant one and a middle one, now you need the 16 to round out the battery of cookers Very nice, and to think you have it on a dock!!??! Did you float it in on a barge with a crane? Around here that seems to happen fairly frequently.
  13. I think I would ask Dennis what a new cap would cost, and then you tile it with the same tiles you remove from your existing trashed cap so it all you KK tiles matched.
  14. Yep Bruce, that is the first place to go. The guy that builds them knows best!
  15. I suspect there might be a very high temperature adhesive that might fuse these 2 halves back together. Just smearing something surface probably would not work since getting the surface clean enough for whatever to adhere would be unlikely.
  16. I can see the price of the Cold Smoker in the web site but the Shipping Calculator does not seem to work. So, has anyone about 1K miles from Carson Ca. purchased one and could tell me the shipping costs? I am in the Seattle area and to my home from Carson it is 1170 miles.
  17. If I could convince my other half that it would be an asset it would be high on the list
  18. If you notice on the KK's that show many numbers of KK's that there are color descriptions that are the same but the color is a bit different, and so is that number. I think it has something to do with the tiles and the unit on which the tiles are applied. A serial Number is the best description and to reinforce what I just said, there was/is a bag of spare tiles in the "Spare Parts Box" that comes with the KK's and that bag of tiles has the same serial number. Pretty cool!
  19. The 16TT KK is the quick grill machine for sure!
  20. That's a good tip! Coincidentally, I was using my Seal A Meal yesterday and it is showing signs of dying, sooooo, on to another machine that works better/longer.
  21. Just out of curiosity, did you inquire what kind of hammer was used? It looks like a sledge hammer...
  22. Thanks Jeff
  23. Is this a Stainless Steel screen? If so, where did you find it?
  24. I would like to split a pallet of these products and am able to drive anywhere around the Puget Sound to retrieve product or get the pallet delivered here and come get your share. Send a PM if you are interested.