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  1. Thanks for sharing that info!
  2. Finally getting into a rhythm with the KK and getting to kick back to enjoy my surroundings. Hired a gardener.....
  3. Just when you thought all was right with the world you realized you forgot something, a marine navigation chart and a tide table in the last 20 years I have seen many people run aground here but this guy was the smartest. He waited until the boat was in knee deep water and then walked ashore to the nearest pub for a case of beer and carried it back to wait for the next high tide! It was the first thing he did right all day Normally it looks like this and it was the view when he sailed into it.
  4. I had the KK going to pass the time And of course I used coffee wood chunks for the smoke!!
  5. And it happened again, although this time it was intentional. The guy was cleaning his hull. He waited to do his little sailboat until this big boy was pushed into its slip.
  6. That's interesting, the way he was slamming the lid/dome down to close it gives one the impression that he never figured out how the KK works. If Dennis is continually sending him new KK's I would think it certainly would be nice to give more positive press to he KK's. Yes, I know his show is not dedicated to ceramic cookers, but hey, we all know how good these cookers and I would think he should give more Kudos to Dennis and his team.
  7. You are right! I wonder how dedicated he is to the KK since most of the episodes I have seen show a virtually new (inside) cooker with no soot.
  8. He just needs to quit slamming the dome lid down so hard. Some videos he does and some not. He must be used to the other Kamados and not the KK.
  9. Good press for KK, congratulations Dennis!
  10. Tee time , or is it tea time??
  11. Aussie, you are right about cats killing things for sure. Pound for pound they are the largest killers of things on the planet. I have seen my cat drag back a rabbit almost twice her size just to show me; if it moves they try to attack it, AND they will double team a target when necessary. Were they ships cats from square rigger era that went feral that are decimating the Australian critters??
  12. I had a Siamese cat that liked riding in the VW Bus and would go on long trips and get out at Rest Stops to potty and come back when called. I taught him Spanish for all his commands and I taught him to swim. He would follow me into the pools alongside a river but was smart enough to avoid the swift current. Fred was a good cat.
  13. So Dennis, how the the Retreat?? Is the mind filled with calm thoughts and new ideas??
  14. The entire show was less dramatic than the show that played out a couple of days ago for the Friday Afternoon Regatta. A big wind suddenly came up with sideways rain and 1/4" hail where we got of 1/2" of rain in 15 minutes. A 33ft sailboat was caught with its spinnaker up (he apparently was not paying attention to the weather) and in the process of them trying to frantically strike the sails they left lines dragging over the transom. Then these geniuses started the auxiliary engine and must have backed over the lines thus fouling the rudder and the prop. So, there they were in an outgoing 12 ft tide and the wind trying to push them in the same direction, all the while drifting diagonally toward the U.S. Navy active ship facility. The Navy Patrol boats were not amused and must have told those guys to put up a sail and sail away from them, which they did but it took them hours to get the 1-1/2 mile back to the marina for a rather bumpy landing. I never could figure out why they did not call 911 On The Water to get their boat towed back so they could get a diver under it. It was pretty entertaining while I had the KK going on the covered patio in this torrential downpour sipping a good Grey Goose VX...
  15. Had not thought of that aspect!! It must have worked because I saw him with the beer headed back to the boat.
  16. Those Datsun's were little incognito rockets that handles fairly well. You must have had a good reason to sell it, like your wife having triplets Your Ducati Super Bike is in a league of its own. The only thing that can catch you is Motorola and a Lear jet, or maybe another super bike. After Vietnam a friend of mine decided he wanted to go faster than what he could buy off the shelf and started this business making bikes. They are ridiculously fast which puts big smiles on the faces of those who have purchased them. His bikes took 1st and 2nd in 1999 at Daytona Speedway.
  17. First car, I owned 1/2, a neighbor kid and I bought it for $50 each and we took turns driving it. Second car. 3rd car, 1937 Ford. This is a photo of another one but the only difference is that mine had black lacquer fenders. 4th, 1959 Sprite. Got broadsided in a parking lot so I cut the front end off, put a frame under it and a small block Ford V8 in it. You can just barely see a holley 4 barrel sticking through the hood. Although I did not "OWN" it I certainly called it mine. I was in charge of it and drive it to hell and back. 5th, 1968 TR4a-IRS after putting 60k miles on it in 14 months I stuffed a 289 Ford V8 under the hood. 6th, 1971 3/4 ton Ford Van, converted for camping. 7th owned at the same time as the 6th. My commuter vehicle Honda 600 Sedan. 600cc air cooled was a great little car to drive until I got run off the road by a drunk. It was either a headon or take to the soft shoulder and when I steered it back onto the road at 50mph it tripped on the asphalt lip and went airborne! Pretty dramatic but no injuries for me or my Girlfriend, which was amazing. The drunk never stopped but I encountered someone who also saw him weaving and speeding on that mountain road. Mine was white. 3 days after the wreck. Amazing what duct taped and convertible rear window plastic will do in place of glass. I drove it 400 miles home in the rain with the wipers going! The we decided to fix it. We chopped the roof did the bodywork and ran it another 25K miles before selling it. 8th, 1968 VW Bus in Baja California on a fishing/surfing trip and Santo Tomas Quatras Casas. Fun machines to use when taking the VW Bus into the desert. I had a rack on the rear of the buses to take them. d d 9th, 1972 VW Van. Loved driving this but had to sell it to buy a work truck. Sold this to a sweet looking blond woman that looked very secretary type with pantsuit and all. Turned out to be Secret Service Agent!! Always wondered where is was used after I sold it... 10th, 1970 1 Ton Chevy, converted to utility. I also owned this while I had the work truck. 1966 Bug. 1937 D-2 Caterpillar I owned for several years making trails and hauling firewood. I came in handy pu;lling neighbors out of ditches I traded a 1" drive Proto ratchet wrench and a $100 for the utility bed! Drove and worked it for 20 years. 1968 Pontiac. My $135 roller to get up the dirt road comfortably. It finally biodegraded.. Had the truck at the same time. Road AFTER the phone company worked on it... More like wrecked it!! Had this at the same time since it made getting around in the mountains very easy. 11th, Pontiac Grand Am, the smile was more a shriek of horror and panic! It had the second worse brakes of any vehicle I have owned. It would have made a good target. 12th, GMC 1994 3/4 ton Suburban 4x4 with all the HD towing stuff. The worst brakes, ABS allowed me to cruise into vehicles and make a big mess twice! Unplugged the brake system and it worked fine. Finally gave up and got a Honda Element which had great brakes! Honda was a good car but very noisy interior! The current rides. 2009 and2011 MINI's.
  18. Thanks Tony
  19. Did you use the crane for the KK delivery?
  20. Vinegar had me curious, but the sweet sauce lost me. I will give it a try this summer when I get the open pit BBQ going again now that I have these nice KK grills to use on it and now I even have two heights! Amazing stuff that Dennis makes for the KK. Thanks for taking the time to write down that recipe
  21. OK, "vinegar mop", I will have to read about that since I have zero experience with it.
  22. Ribeye that turned out great! Crusty exterior and a rare interior with a nice alder smoke flavor w/garlic, pepper and chili powder.
  23. We waited as long as we could,,, But the grey won.
  24. Good parenting has paid off! And as a bonus your graduate gets a fine meal, one of many I am sure
  25. Asian stores carry a cast iron device that is ribbed like a citrus squeezer/juicer and has a rim that catches the fat. It might work well for still getting the smoky flavor but retain fat away from the bacon as well. I just went to the cabinet to see where my wife put hers and it was not there otherwise I would post a photo of it. I will keep looking