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  1. Pork ribs

    Very tasty lookin
  2. First low n slow cook.

    Nice color to your ribs. Got your hands full, looks like that'll keep her busy for a while.
  3. Saturday Bread

    Yes, a good pizza
  4. Pork ribs

    More like pigs in a blanket. They look all snugged up in spice, can't wait to see the results. You do the like the purple crack on the heavy side.
  5. Just another day in Buffalo

    That Lake effect snow is murder for your area. Stoke that fire and good luck with the cook tonite
  6. Wood chunk size

    I take a good size branch of apple, cherry or oak and slice 1/2-1" pieces on my 10" miter. All other pieces like Hickory, Mesquite and such I get at Cabellas or Bass Pro in bags.
  7. My first cook in a long long time…

    You poor man! Freezing, that's downright terrible. Mackenzie warming her fingers by the fire and you how long a KK takes to heat up on the outside, sorry Mac. Your turkey was on for sometime, tell me, was it moist and tasty, it sure looks good.
  8. My first cook in a long long time…

    Sorry Kevin, Saw the color designation on the circle and I guess I wasn't paying attention to the letter. We have wild turkeys in this area and in abundance, so that's the backyard comment...but I'm looking forward to tour pics also
  9. Trying new smoke pot

    I have had the 23 a Blue denim since July and I am definitely am pleased with the results. I was on the fence with the 32 in the beginning but with the extra weight and all on the deck meant putting it off so I went with the 23. No regrets, Dennis helped me with the choice and I really haven't looked back but, I have been curious. I would like to expand and choose a 19 high top, they look awesome as in the one MacKenzie has sitting up on the table. The right size to be portable, almost. Xmas is coming and I am a little busy at the moment but, when the holidays pass I'll shoot you an email in the message section. Until then a very Merry Xmas to you and yours.
  10. My first cook in a long long time…

    That's one big Turkey, you didn't shoot that one in the backyard, did ya? Looks delicious
  11. Trying new smoke pot

    Ed, Your work is good and old school that's fine. If you need a hand, I'm just down the street at your convenience and will help with anything. I don't think you need any help but, when I grew up in New Bedford most of my friends were Portuguese and we always helped each other.
  12. The Results on Ribs

    Trial and error, it's how we learn.
  13. Trying new smoke pot

    Good trial then, your work is fine and the smoke it imparts should do well, however, the 32BB is perfect and is a better representation.
  14. Just arrived from Tasmania, AU

    Simply marrrvelloouusss! I mean that looks good! I looking forward to playing catch up with you all, very imaginative ideas and a wealth of knowledge to draw upon.
  15. Trying new smoke pot

    That's ok ED, I've hit the button twice myself thinking it didn't take to the screen. I have the same burn pot but, that wasn't the KK I expected to see. No shame no blame, I also have a few other cookers myself and work with them on occasion when the need presents. It's all good in the neighborhood.