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  1. Hulli hulli chcken and Hawaiian bacon

    Was it easy peasy, of course. Were all spinning along and it's good to see that P & C are doing the same. Yep
  2. Muy bien tacos

    That's nice. Yah, don't that look good... Some good. Must be a California dreamer, cause I ain't got none. Yum girllll.
  3. Slackers!!

    Geez Paul, don't want to be the bad guy...maybe you should check your antiperspirant....jist sayin
  4. Roto pork loin, Reef BBq sauce, Cowboy steak

    Did you not recognize the same blade you have.
  5. The game was invented in Canada, the rules were agreed to and made in Canada. com'on man what don't u c. The US Women's Hockey Team beat Canada and history will show it. Change the rules ok, but don't recognize the winner. Poor looser. Excuses.............done
  6. Baked Stuffed Schrimp

    Today he is known as the Gorton fisherman a company that went into the business in 1906 in Gloucester Mass making codfish cakes. They needed an iconic figure, he was found. Today, we have in our midst a similar man that wishes to remain anonymous. Please respect his wishes.
  7. Roto pork loin, Reef BBq sauce, Cowboy steak

    You can't replace life, keep your friend with you until .................................
  8. 45 day dry aged Ribeye

    Seldom do I see that quality, like buying a winning lottery ticket I imagine. Great cook, also. Did someone mention hijack
  9. Toney, If the shoe were on the other foot would the conversation be different. When Jesse James of the Steelers bobbled the ball in the end zone and it was called a "no catch" it was because the rules stated so. Nothing like that happened here, it's all smoke and deflection. And this is where I disagree, when the team that wins by the rules is questioned for nothing they have done because inevitably that is what your doing, you diminish that winnings team their turn in the spotlight and that's what I call unfair.
  10. Baked Stuffed Schrimp

    You're a good man Charlie Brown
  11. Scent of Delicious

    To tell you the truth, but I'd be afraid to ask
  12. In sports as a player you shake hands after every game, win or loose it's on to the next game. Good sportsmanship. As a fan we tend to pick it apart..understandable. Like everything else it settles into place. There can only be one winner
  13. Baked Stuffed Schrimp

  14. 45 day dry aged Ribeye

    You must have the technique down pretty well for making the aged steak. It would be an the expensive entree to purchase. Something about a black KK, has that mysterious look about it. Did you name it? And by the way, great cook
  15. Baked Stuffed Schrimp

    A Captain he be, probably has a patch on his eye as we speak.