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  1. A Serious Gate.maybe "The Ninth Gate"?

    Nice friendly neighbors. Yep, two German shepherds should be adequate. I hope things have mellowed for you now, paradise is hard to find.
  2. Meathead Gets It

    On vaca in Germany, miss my pups too
  3. A Serious Gate.maybe "The Ninth Gate"?

    A very well built gate and formidable looking. I remember when I was younger and had a Jeep, if I ran into an obstacle as that I would attempt to run around it. If I may ask, Did you extend anything like a stone wall on both sides or are the woods thick enough to dissuade a trespasser? How long did it take to build your architectural marvel ?
  4. La Chamba Portabella Stew

    Your going to live a zillion years if you keep eating those beautifully prepared meals. It looks delish. Did you pick the mushrooms yourself? The reason I ask is when I was young my grandmother took us out to the woods to pick, we came back with baskets of different varieties. We dried them also for later use. Kudos to you if you did
  5. Spinning a rib roast.

    Just like me to speak quickly and use the wrong words. Let me clear the woods as they say, The basket has the best fit with the handles on the left and right side of the KK. When repositioning the basket with the handles north and south the basket doesn't seat well. It doesn't come fully down to rest on the refractory surface, instead it sits up approx. 1/2 to 1 inch above. I can squeeze it down but, I will be setting a groove in the refractory. If yours has this condition, I think just means that all things round aren't perfectly round. Take a tape measure and check the diameter in different spots. Good luck. No big thing it's just a chicken wing.
  6. Spinning a rib roast.

    My basket on my 23 has the same issue, unable to turn for adjustment.
  7. Riiiiiiiibs.....:

    Nice ribs too
  8. Riiiiiiiibs.....:

    That's right, " Set it and forget it." Think I've heard that somewhere before.
  9. Spinning a rib roast.

    Yes mam.
  10. Spinning a rib roast.

    I think it would be great for Huli Huli Chicken, easy to apply the sauce. Guys like power tools, one more for the tool box.
  11. Spinning a rib roast.

    Now that's pretty. All the right fixins. Nothing I can see wrong with that roast. Maybe Santa will bring me a rotisserie for Xmas
  12. KK Rocks!

    It's a lot of fun, soon your husband will be asking if he can use it.
  13. Bad Start But Tasty Ending to the Day.

    We had those bugs around here but, not in those numbers. Nice looking cook and pickled beets, yes.
  14. Why Californians love tri tip

    Great deal. Definitely a winner.
  15. First Neighborhood barbecue

    I forgot to say,....... it all looked good