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  1. Tyrus

    No Joke to See This

    To be expected. He musta smelled one of your cooks and was late for the invite.
  2. Tyrus

    Jarrah side table

    Nice job, almost looks like walnut but, I assume it's not indigenous to Austrailia
  3. Tyrus

    Moroccan Tangia

    Looks good, like Moroccan taste. Can you equate the results using a traditional bean pot vs the tagine in the KK and expect something close. Was the country friendly Syg aside all the drama in the world? Good post
  4. Wow! what a deal. Looks real nice in it's setting. Little late for the show but as Monty Hall would say, "You didn't get zonked." The picture with the front loader makes the KK humongous and dwarfs the loader...trick photography. The best
  5. Tyrus

    Funky Old Cow

  6. Tyrus

    Covering my bases

    Geez thanks for all the helpful comments as I did appreciate them early on. However, the conversation seems relegated to other topics distant from the source. I was looking for a more active conversation in and around the offset I brought forth. Maybe I was wrong, interest in open areas close fast, and the common denominator seems to change to the norm. I looked for a subjective opinion and an open mind but that is probably to hard compare to a prevailing KK philosophy. So I do not wish to compete with that mindset, I had anticipated a little better, but ..,it is what it is and beg your pardon. TY
  7. A box of change, so political, do you have any old, good quality socks too donate
  8. Tyrus

    Legs and wings.....

    Where's the sauce, naked chicken, I'm not on a porn site again! Nice chick JD, I just like em dressed up
  9. Tyrus

    Konro Scallops

    Nice color going on and it don't take long to enjoy. Your gonna hate me but they were on sale this week at $10.00 a lb. Keep the shells, good for baked stuffed
  10. Tyrus

    Covering my bases

    I'm surprised you haven't tried it, heard some good things about those cookers. It has it's pros and cons but on the up side it maintains an even consistent heat for a long duration so if you were to do an overnite at a set temp it would serve you well. Refresh your memory, Trager has things on line to get you started. Hate to see that in a yard sale without seeing it's maiden voyage. Our KK's do a lot of things well but there are things out there specific to a certain style...you saw Ckreef with those two new cookers toys. Pizza and skewers. It's not how many tools you have in your arsenal, it's how many you know how to use well. It's as simple as 1,2,3,..A,B,C that's how easy Trager can be. Catchy tune huh
  11. Tyrus

    Covering my bases

    The wagon is a 1930's industrial piece I reclaimed from a factory long since gone. The wood on the top is 2 inch oak and was treated with tung oil to stay out in the weather. The wheels are steel, patented and manufactured at this old plant and it weighs in at around 400 lbs. It can hold up to 2000lbs. A nice cart for serving tea...lol.
  12. Your sooo rich, order up pizza! I place my loose change in a draw and sometime in an old cigar box, it grows for about a year. I don't think I've ever seen the money because the recipient of these small fortunes has always been my daughters. I ask sometime what the take was and it's always just under 100$, that's I know because the draw becomes a chore to open. Good Luck Tekobo.........don't spend it all in one place. lol
  13. Tyrus

    Covering my bases

    You got your hands full! That fire you had in the oven was no different, maintain, keep temp...keeps you busy and it's a challenge thats different. Our KK's do it all for us, maybe Dennis will make one trailer ready.
  14. Tyrus

    Covering my bases

    The road is long with many a winding turns. For the moment we'll stick to the backyard and occasional favor for a friend at there place. Thanks though, for the vote of confidence
  15. Tyrus

    Dizzy Ribs

    Is that the new take on the lo and slo method? Sure look good. Like the white sauce but you may loose me if you drizzled them in chocolate and jimmies.