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    bbq smoking meat for over 35 years

    Beautiful just beautiful
  2. Wood chunk size

    TonyB good enough exclamation for your? SON
  3. Wood chunk size

    Don’t get me wrong the KK is a great little grill/smoker . The reason I bought mine was strictly for pork butts as they can take 15 to 20 hours to cook.
  4. Wood chunk size

    Bubba grill 500r reverse flow smoker get better bark better smoke flavor pushed in to the meat . Especially when doing big cuts of beef brisket beef clod and beef will take smoke until 135 to 145 degrees so on a 20 to 25 lb beef clod or a 15 to 20lb brisket you are talking hours till you reach that temp.
  5. Wood chunk size

    I am not a big fan of brisket on the Komodo but I only had to cook 2 today so I figure I’ll try the cold smoke. Cold smoker is running good but need to fill quite often. Bought this for cold smoking cheese pepperoni sausage and fish.
  6. Wood chunk size

    Here it is running Aussie been going good for awhile
  7. Wood chunk size

    I read some of those post wood chunk and quality of wood very important to make it work I tested and posted it
  8. Wood chunk size

    I’ll post some pictures tomorrow
  9. Wood chunk size

    I don’t care for it either I am cooking 2 briskets in am using the cold smoke see how that does. The smoke pot runs out of smoke for big hunks of meat it’s ok for lighter meats chicken pork loin and fish.
  10. Burn time

    We will try it thanks
  11. Burn time

    Wow I have to cooks I want to do back to back thinking 24 hour total
  12. Burn time

    How long will a full basket of cocochar burn at 250 for in a 32?
  13. Dual air vent use

  14. Dual air vent use

    Thank you

    Exciting time seeing that truck pull up