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    I have no trouble getting crispy skin on my chicken at 275 using the pit cook type method I described above. It doesn't allow a lot of moist air in, so dries the outside nicely. I even spritz it with vinegar during the cook. It also has a salt based rub on it. But also, this is a long cook (2-2.5 hrs) for chicken and the breast can end up being dry. So I prefer the leg quarters and making chicken salad from the breast.
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    Just wanted to add a few pictures now that we are approximately 40%-50% completed. 32” Big Bad-Zeus still sitting in his crate. I will share the latest updates again in about a week! Make it a great KK week!
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    Well, in an earlier post some of you voiced comments / concern about my keeping my 32” KK at a vacation home. My reply was that I do most of my entertaining at our vacation home and that works for me. Well, as my time at vacation home is winding down for the summer I started having mixed feelings about leaving my KK behind 😪..........solution.....I pulled the trigger and purchased a new KK the same color but in the 21” supreme size 😀 . The other good news is that this is available from inventory so no long waits. Tonyb was right......I’ve been bitten by the KK obsession bug and need to have A KK to cook on all year long! I’m excited to have the 21” to compare to the 32” KK. Cheers, Paul
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    Here is the link to previous discussions on Smartfire v guru. I'm going to try Smartfire and will provide feedback once it's tested.
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    According to Smart Fire no adapter is needed for the newer KK’s with the fan port. The fan should work the existing fan port.
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    Wise choice. Less wise choice would be to go with my fantasy of having every size KK, each in a different "favourite" colour way. Not yet but very high on must cook list. It is a bit like making bread or pasta. If you do it regularly it is no big deal and you just get on with it. With a new thing like making tortillas I am afraid to fail and keep putting it off. Soon, very soon.
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