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    YEP!! Got a KK32 in cobalt blue tile ordered. Can't wait to get it.
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    My add-on for tonight - Celebration steak dinner. I won 1st Place in Best of Show in a sanctioned homebrew competition today. Also took a 3rd Place in Best of Show for another beer. So, it was a very good day!! Costco Prime Ribeye Cap with blue cheese mushroom sauce, melting potatoes cooked in duck fat and a nice Greek salad. A simple nice red wine, as I had sampled a few of the beers after the judging. We call it "Drinking the losers!"
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    I got some great meaty free range Pork ribs .. . Gave them some purple crack on the bottom and a mixture of white lightning and red eye express on top.. On they go over some black cherry wood. . Looking good. . After a rest .. . Carved them up.. And plated yum. . Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Sold. bgrant3406 is the new owner. I hope he doesn’t mind the aroma of all those Baby Backs that have been cooked on it. They tasted great. I’ve never cooked on a KK with tiles, but I suspect it’s true that “Pebbles cook better”!
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    Pizza night ribs and sausages .. .with some garlic bread. . Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Peruvian’ish Dizzy Chook underway. Made a marinade of lime juice, garlic, soy sauce, and olive oil. Let that sit under the skin for an hour, then a heavy coat of Dizzy Pig Peruvianish. Spinning with a bit of apple wood. To be served with a homemade spicy mayo.
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    So it is done. The piece had to be taken completely apart, re:drilled with new larger biscuits, and the legs were trashed, then replaced with new stock. The color scheme was changed and handles were added for bar towels and to easily aid in transport with two people, then a couple of new/old signs were added. Bottle openers were placed on every corner and the inside was cleaned throughout. That tank on the inside was first described as galvanized steel but when it wouldn't hold a magnet it turned out to be solid copper with a tin covering. The soldering covering all the exposed edges were so well done and waterproof no repairs were needed. Backyard furniture that will serve a purpose. While that was going on I um, made a brother to keep it company. This is a cooking table for cast iron made from wood and covered with a 1/8 or 3/16 in sheet of bronze on the top. Generally you find them made simply all from metal but I happened across some marinite board and used that as a heat shield under the bronze. Any wood contact with the bronze was insulated with woven glass gasket covering. Marinite board is a product looking similar to gypsum board but it is a calcium silicate. The similarities stop at appearence because a 4x8 sheet of this runs around $750. No worry, I acquired it from a trustworthy source for change. When I showed my wife the addition she replied, "What a nice bar." Well, I thought ok, a bar and a cooking surface. I have plenty of marinite, so a piece will be cut to protect the bronze surface when cooking is needed and removed to act as a bar otherwise. Backyard furniture with some technical additions.
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    Funny how things work out, Geo has the KK (size, color and pebbles!) I wanted, but my wife wanted something smaller than the K7 I have. So first the 19 was under consideration, then only the 21 was available, and then Geo posts! A friend is adopting the K7 (interestingly enough, one of the last K7s made in Indonesia), so this is all coming together in a great way! Thanks Geo, chat tomorrow!
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    After months of hard work, I'm about to go live with a new KK website Please check it out and tell me what you think.. New site
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    Well, when it rains all day, you go to Plan B. Lobster roll (butter poached lobster w/tarragon, thyme and Old Bay) and shrimp salad (butter poached shrimp with a mayo dressing of dill, chives, red onion, celery and Old Bay). Both seafoods were cooked sous vide. Paired with homemade potato chips cooked in the air fryer, with rosemary olive oil, Old Bay and flaked sea salt. So what pairs with that – Bubbly! Trader Joe’s bubbly is decent and it’s like $13!
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    I had a craving for mac & cheese yesterday so I got out 3 different cheese, 2 different cheddar's and one Monterey Jack with peppers. One of the cheeses had an advantage as I had previously smoked it.:) Then I had some chicken wings thawing and thought they go with mac & cheese, tons of comfort food. This has nothing to do with the miserable weather we have had for day, even snow the night before. Mac & Cheese ready for the oven. Baked. Wings coated with corn starch and potato flour, ready for the air fryer. Wings are ready. Dinner is plated.
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    I had the same decision to make last year, i ended up with the 32 and i'm really glad i went down that path. I usually only cook for two people but the space means you can fit things like baking pans with handles and other odd shaped dishes on with no issues. The charcoal usage is practically on par with my old cheap 18" Kamado, so its a win win. A couple of weeks ago the Wife and I had a BabyQ - Baby shower for around 50 people and the 32 handled it with no issue whatsoever, in fact the 3rd grill was used to hold the drip pans, i could have fit a lot more on: This is 2 x 6kg briskets, 2 x 3kg pork shoulders, 4 x racks of beef ribs. Then there are the times where you want to bake, the 32 is an amazingly capable bread oven and has plenty of capacity: Another nice thing is how easy it is to make a true 2 zone setup, i'm a massive fan of reverse searing steak, in the pic below i brought the steak up to temp on the upper right grate, then took it out and let it rest whilst the grill come up to temperature for the final sear: If i had my time again then i wouldn't change anything about my decision to get the 32. You'll be really happy with whatever you choose, but for me the 32 was the way to go.
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    23" KK for sale. $2400. Planning to move in about 4-weeks, and want to avoid moving it. Have changed my diet, and rarely use it anymore. Building a new house, and will be moving in about a month Includes several boxes of Coco char and Coffee char Rotisserie SS drip pan 3 grates Right and Left side tables This has been stored in my garage, and was under an awning when used outside. The only thing that shows its age is that the wooden parts need to be treated. The picture shows the KK without any cleanup from the last cook. I will clean it in the next few days and send updated pictures to interested parties. I'm not able to ship it.
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    Thanks everyone! The 1st place beer is called "Mango Gose-a-Rita." The base beer was a German Gose style (tart w/sea salt and coriander), with mango and agave nectar added. The 3rd place beer was the same Gose, but unadulterated, and is called "Down Gose Frazier." This might turn into an opportunity to brew the beer at the local brewery that sponsored the competition and enter it in the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) Pro-Am competition in Denver in October! Won't know about that until next weekend when we pour the competition beers at the "People's Choice" tasting/vote. Nice job on those chips, MacKenzie!
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    Today I had the chance to try Tony's chips. I loved them, so much better than buying a greasy bag of overly salted chips. These chips have very little salt and very skimpy with the oil. You get to add the spices you like in the amount you like. My air fryer can't be set at 330F so I used 325F and extended the time to 16mins. Yesterday I made a batch of roasted carrot hummus and loved it. Roasted the carrots and garlic on the KK. I thought the chips and hummus would go together but they didn't, the hummus overpowered the chips. The good news is the hummus is wonderful with bagel crisps. It is important to do small batches of chips, they need to be dry and crispy when taken out of the air fryer or they will end up soggy, better to over cook than to under cook. Thanks again, Tony, this recipe is a real keeper.
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    You had me with the wings without throwing in the mac n cheese Mac. Breakfast here is going to be larger than it should be as a result of your "intervention"!
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    Cool. It would be really good to see some posts of your food. I remember @ckreef saying he was looking forward to some "strange" food when I explained that I am African. It is my honour to pass on the compliment - get some strange onto this site!
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    (This is the attached image in the original post.)
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    You just know that I had to test that bacon for breakfast. I have enough bacon to last until the next batch of cold weather in the fall.
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    Sliced after resting
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    Welcome to the Obsession! Can't wait to see the pics of the grand uncrating once it arrives at its new home.
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    Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Yes, please...it's cooking season, post haste. I had an Ethiopian Berbere that I mixed with a number of spices and placed it on chicken to brighten it up. That's one warm spice and I found very little on it as how to use it on the web. Intimidating. Your venture will require time and effort and I'm sure the both of you work and have responsibilities, that being said I for one appreciate the effort. Tekebo, I picked up that gauntlet you so carelessly dropped on floor and considered it's merit. If it is to your liking, please consider as an opener the team with the best season record and IF your team makes it to the playoffs, will cross that next bridge, as it would be appropriate again to re:negotiate. For me I have work to do now, unlike some that sit on the dock of the bay and watch the tide roll away. lol
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    Looking great @Tyrus. I would ask you to put this into a sports bet in the hope of acquiring it and getting it to the UK - in a heartbeat. What are you using the cast iron pot for?
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    Mashed spuds tacos served with a fosters.lol Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Yup.. I'd definitely go the larger motor. That cradle is massive, better to have more torque than not enough.
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    Thanks, All! The chips were very good. Will do this again, even though it takes some effort. Russet potato sliced about 1/16" thick - cut with the mandolin. (You get a lot of chips from a single medium sized spud!) You need to soak the potato slices in water for 30 minutes and change out the water at least twice and "fluff" because they have a tendency to stick together. Blot them dry on paper towels. Then tossed in a bit of seasoned oil. Into the air fryer @ 330F for 30 minutes, shaking/stirring every 10 minutes to promote even browning. Then tossed again in the bowl with oil and seasoned.
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    For a side bar story - A couple of weekends ago me and Mrs skreef were in town and wanted a reasonably decent lunch. We decided on Outback Steakhouse. It was a really crappy meal but that's another story. My point to this is when we got back in the car I mentioned to Mrs skreef that thanks to Aussie I am quite positive I have more Australian ingredients in my pantry then they had in that entire "Outback" restraunt. Won't be going back there any time soon.
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    A small journey unlike yours Steve. I do have a small pavilion in progress....and will reveal it's simplicity if I ever get it done. An open area with room to expand and engineered to last through the deepest fog. lol and yes the stock, soon as the weather climbs above 80
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    So I was told that my grill was on a boat. I was super excited so I called the shipping company. The shipping confirmed my grill is somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Their saying the boat will arrive this Sunday. I can’t wait to see it and used it.
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    If I lived at MacKenzie's house....I would weigh 400 lbs!!!!!!!!!!! Yum!!!!
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    Congratulations - You are now an official member of the purple crack berry alumni. It was the popping of a whole crack berry in your mouth that cemented your place in this exclusive club
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    Keith, Aussie and others, thanks for the heads up on this purple crack. I placed an order and it arrived today. I couldn't help myself, had to pop one whole. Tastes like wattle seed, the smell reminds me of the australian bush.... and gin....... Weird, almost has a juniper berry smell. What's amazing though, is I am drinking a cup of tea, and the next sip after popping a berry, my tea tastes like it has 3 teaspoons of sugar. My tea is black with no sugar. This tasmanian pepper berry changes your palate. The last time I experienced this was with some Miracle Fruit we used to grow. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synsepalum_dulcificum When we popped this fruit then sucked on a lemon, it made the lemon taste like lemon sherbert. Red wine taste like port. They were using the miracle fruit in cancer wards where kids had to swallow very bitter medicine. The miracle fruit sweetened the medicine. Small relief.
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    The Purple Crack arrived today concealed in newspaper lol. . I asked Alimac if he wanted to go halves with me seeing as though the last lot has lasted me for ages. Split it up. . And vacuumed sealed his half. . There was nothing in the bowl except minute hairs when I went to wash the bowl Wow. .shows you how fresh this is, tony b and ckreef will be sending your bags shortly Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    I listened to similar advice when I bought my 32 a year ago with no regrets. Most of the time, I am cooking just for me and my wife, and firing up the 32 is not a problem, even for two of us. It certainly gives a lot of versatility for two zone cooking, and has the capacity for the occasional cook for a group. I recently cooked six Boston butts for a group of about 50, all on the main grate. Either one will be great. We have had gas and charcoal grills for decades and we recently noted that our grilling quality had taken a quantum leap up in the last year, seemed to coincide with the arrival of the KK. Our old gas grill is gathering dust. I wouldn't get the gas attachment either. Charcoal is too easy, and so tasty, but you do what you gotta do.
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    DUDE - call them immediately and order as many boxes of cocochar and coffee wood as will fit on the shipping crate!!! Cheapest you will ever buy it for, as noted because the shipping is essentially free!
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    Did two pork cooks today. Pork Loin "Reuben" from Steven Raichlen's Project Fire book. Boneless pork chop w/ spicy Asian marinade. look good, have not tasted them yet.
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    Looks tasty as Mac fear not Pepperberry will soon hit your shores. Lol Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    I've found the biggest factor for stunning pictures is lighting. It's the difference between an awesome picture and a good picture. That pretty much holds true regardless of camera. A decent camera with great lighting will produce better pictures compared to a super high end camera with crappy lighting.
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    .And vacced it overnight. To let it all meld toghether. . Yesterday I took it out and patted it dry..gave it some more dizzy pig. . On it goes over some black cherry..gave it some Kakadu plum sauce..Ready to go..after a rest..And pulled..all that for this lol. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    It shouldn't be a surprise but first up Brisket was well above expectations. Cooked for 4.5hours up to 165 then a further 3.3 hours up to 202. hardest part was trimming as I’d not done that before. A big tick for the KK again
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    So your POSK is still intact?? Man, you are a lucky guy, but the original Indo version wasn't as prone to tile shedding as the Mexi version was. My K7 was an early Indo and never really had the tile shedding issue to any degree, but it eventually crumbled around the top hat & spider. Happy to see you with a "well made" kamado now!
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    23" Ultimate Komodo Kamado for sale:  $3,500. Color: Gray & Coral / Chevron pattern Bought this new in 2010 from Dennis. Was under canvas cover until 2012, then has lived under pavilion roof and canvas cover. Very clean, excellent shape, has one dinged tile that I hit when I unloaded it in 2010. The dinged tile is a cosmetic issue only. All three original grates, one round drip pan, one round heat deflector stone & new blue cover. I added the main lid 'D' shaped gasket in ~2014. You will need to have a lift gate truck.
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    I think the new site looks great. When you look at the pics of all the different size options of the grills on the home page I think you should label the color of the tile at the bottom of the picture.
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    The "standard" One Grill motor that most of us use is rated up to 50 lbs. I doubt that a suckling pig will weigh more than that, dressed out.
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    Wakanda Forever! I'll start a thread this weekend.
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    John did you end up buying a KK? I’m looking into bringing a 23” into Brisbane. I have found out Australia has a trade agreement with Indonesia so providing Dennis can provide a statement saying its manufactured in Indo, zero import duty. GST is applicable, however, if you are registered this is refundable through an input credit. just waiting to see what the agent charges to get it through customs and delivered to East Brisbane. Also checking if I can get a better freight deal and if there is a better deal with multiple units. They look to be about 1.5m3 once crated?? i should know more within a week. oh, also, customs don’t like wood or charcoal coming in from Indo so coffee lumps and coco char are out😪
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    We were very excited to take delivery of our cobalt blue BB32 last Friday, 03/16. My wife and I picked it up from the trucking terminal, got it home and set it up, just us mind you! Very excited. Cooked a Boston butt the next day, had to push the grill temp to 275 because of time constraints, but one of the guinea pigs, I mean guests, said it was the best bbq she had ever had. Doing the burn in now.
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    So that's all folks. If you are a current owner of a KK, what goes before you know so well. If however, you are contemplating buying a KK from Dennis, I will tell you the following ... You may have apprehensions sending the kind of cash overseas that you're going to send. Forget about it. Dennis is as solid a man as I have ever met in my life. Like me, his word is his bond. I'd do business with him on a handshake and never lose a minute's sleep. As for the Komodo Kamado itself, It's now a couple of months that I have been using The Beast as I call my KK BB 32". Simply stated, it is the best cooker I've ever used. Why I didn't purchase one earlier is beyond me. You can sit down and look at pictures all day long. The attention to detail, the engineering, the construction, are all stunning, and I'm an engineer and I know all about this stuff. However, what pictures and words can never hope to get across to you is how much better the food is when cooked on a KK. I've been cooking on kamados for over 20 years. Most recently I had a Primo XL, arguably the best of the mass market kamados. I was a very good cooker. But the KK is in a league by itself. Pulled pork is pretty much pulled pork ... EXCEPT when cooked on a KK. Same with brisket, ribs, ti-tip, loins, etc. What comes off most kamados is better than you'll get off a kettle or gasser or stick burner. What comes off the KK is so much better than anything you've ever tasted. Pulled pork, brisket, etc. is more moist, more tender, and the taste if indescribable. All this is because the KK is so efficient that you never have to worry about dried out, over cooked meat. You know why you spritz cooks? You know why you always had to put a water pan under the cook? It was because your cooker leaked air like a sieve leaks water! Not so with the KK! So if you're looking at buying a KK, get on the phone, call Dennis, and talk to him. You'll be joining the KK owners club shortly! PS - I'm not getting paid a thing for one word of the above. It's just the truth.
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