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    Have you ever exchanged your BBQ for trade. These two racks of baby backs are for my mechanic, oil change and tire rotation and a quick brake insp. Ribs trump currency
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    Yup, ribs trump currency alright. They look great @Tyrus. We paid cash to the guys who helped us unpack and move our KKs into place given we were taking them away from doing paid work for real clients. Your post reminded me that we still have not given them the KK dinner that we promised as their tip. Must rectify that or some real bad karma will be coming my way!
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    Cheater... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    My mechanic is trained on Mercedes, Bmw, Audi and VW. The shop won;t touch an American brand or Japanese car as regular work. His first job some years ago was to change out the timing belt on my Lexus as an after hours job and for the 5 hours labor it came to $150 that's $30/hr and it hasn't changed to date. I tip him well and always remember him at Christmas. Well, it was reported the ribs are gone, the family's happy and I don't have to crawl under the car in the winter, musta been the sauce.
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    All of these pictures of drink and ice are making this girl very thirsty indeed! I am working away from home but looking forward to getting back home where the food and alcohol are, invariably, better than anything you can get on the road.
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    You burning up down there, Aussie? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/australia-heat-wave-reaches-it-peak-with-record-temperatures/ar-BBSpipq?ocid=spartandhp I really feel for the players in the Open. It's staying in the 90s even after dark.
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    Knob creek Old Fashioned yum
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    Yes we had a choice of bobcat, Dingo (mini yard excavator/digger/etc) , or excavator. They are still doing MAJOR work in the yard due to all the rain. We got the forks on the dingo , carried it to the pavers around the pool. The side of the house was too steep a slope and too muddy (its where all the machines enter and exit). Then we used an old school Uhaul appliance dolly, being careful to to tilt too much. Got it to the cabana, uncrated it, and removed the top (VERY VERY EASY, Much easier than a green egg). 3 men, with 2x4's, lifed it in place, then I assembled the top. Im going to try and cook this weekend, then wrap it up in blankets to protect it. Its taller than I planned, and we are thinking about removing it and lowering it 5 inches. I started another thread
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    Ok Thanks for all the reply’s-sorry so delinquent in my response I got excited I ordered it and wanted to start planning on using it. Rain in Atlanta has delayed our cabana project severely- i got got the metallic bronze and it’s beautiful. I his think is built like a tank. I’m worried about moving it in place. It’s going into a slightly sunken cabana . Thanks for all the ideas/ I’m going to order a shop vac, because we also have an outdoor fireplace that will need cleaning out! I’m going to post a different thread to ask about moving this beast!
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    Nicley played Tyrus. You must be good mates with your mechanic. We have a beer economy down here .works great Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    Wife brought one home from the store and had to take the challenge. Done prime rib before but never the pork version. Indirect for a few hours then reverse sear and I highly recommend this cut Pixs below
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    We got our 22 TT moved in tonight. Im a bit worried about the ultimate height of the grill. Originally, the builder was going to sit on on stainless plates, but they used 4.5 inch thick stone. This raised it 4 inched higher than I originally planned. The opening is about 4inches higher than elbow level. My wife is 5 feet tall, and she really feels like its way too high, Here are some pics. What height is your table top grill, or grill? Do you wish it were taller or shorter?
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    I think you did well on that exchange but hard to argue against his take either.
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    That has to be a win win no matter how you look at it. You get the fun of cooking, keep your cash (spending on ribs is more fun than spending on car upkeep), and I bet you get the best service for your car, the mechanic gets a gorgeous meal, the satisfaction of doing a top notch job, and doesn't pay any tax on money earned.
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    That second picture looks kind a like a Darth Vader helmet LOL thanks for posting that,
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    I have seen those but have never tried them. Also good to support the local distillers. Most of them truly desire to make something special.
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    Thought I would have some sea food marinara .grilled it up..Yum..added some sauce..then some pasta . usually I just have this by its self but guess what we have some salad .. Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    Expandable, heavy duty, SS Grate that fits the Konro. Made out of 1/4" SS rods. I got it at Lowes. Here it is on my LG Konro. On a md Konro it basically covers the entire grill area. I would love to try it out today but have a pizza planned for the WFO. Next weekend I'll see if I can come up with something kewl to cook on it and will update this thread when I do.
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    All good I think I’ve figured it out, had to trim about a cm off the rod so it would all line up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm a diver, go in from the top and scoop up the ashes with a soup can and dump them in a waiting bucket.
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    Love Jerky and so do the dogs. When there is Jerky around in the frig I always have company. The KK is fantastic 180-190 degrees for 3 hrs, held temp like a rock. Smoked with a little chunk of hickory. Could have done more on the 23 but was my first attempt of jerky on the KK so I wasn't sure how much meat to cut up. Easy cook to do if your a fan of jerky