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    Lord Vapor (aka Darth Vapor) has arrived. He's still got a little interstellar debris, but nothing a good wet rag won't take care of. The Smoke is strong in this one...
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    Unoriginal title: dinner from last night. I tried a dry brine; meat ended up a little saltier that I like so won’t do that again, otherwise it was pretty good. Cherry wood chips used. dry rub after the dry brine - salt content was really Low in the rub, but I guess any salt messes with the dry brine my sneaky smoker kitchen setup ~ no complaints yet! Next weekend will be the real test: paddy’s day mega bbq My little chocolates off the grill Aussie beef needs Aussie wine: the Wife made the spuds and slaw this time: great stuff
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    BTW I have plenty of guns. People kill people. It takes a person to pull the trigger......... Political rant over and out......
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    I got me a nice piece of Steel Head Trout. I actually like it better than salmon. It's not as tall as salmon so it doesn't have the thin belly meat. Gave it a nice lemon Pesto topping. Cooked it in my 19" KK on the upper grate in my new Grandma pan. It was a gorgeous piece of fish.   Below that on the main grate was some baked potatoes and homemade stuffed scallops. Slid right off the pan and onto the serving platter without a care in the world. I really like Lloyd Pans.
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    No plated shots Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    139F for 3.5 hours for thick, large, free range pork chops.
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    Some time ago I purchased a Lloyd Detroit Style Pizza Pan. It worked so well I decided to buy a few more Lloyd Pizza Pans. Lloyd Pans are made in the USA for the commercial pizza industry. They come in many different styles, lots of different sizes and in some cases different coatings. All my pans are hard anodized aluminum with the PSTK coating (Pre-Seasoned Tough-Kote). Although not fully non stick they are stick resistant for easy release. Some of the benefits of a Lloyd pan: Easy Release so the pizza slides out without messing up the toppings. Easy cleanup, can almost just wipe them clean with a paper towel. Great heat conductor for even browning of the bottom crust. Metal utensil safe. A max working temperature of 750* (per their technical support) This is my current collection: 10"x14" Detroit Pan, 2.5" sides with 76* angle. 12" diameter Chicago Deep Dish pan, 2" side with 76* angle. 10"x14" Grandma Pan, 1" sides with 76* angle. Three 12" diameter Cutter pans, .75" side with 63* angle. I am very excited to get these pans and have many tasty pizzas planned. I'm especially excited about the Grandma Pan as I think that will work well for a few other non pizza cooks.
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    Some people collect guns, some collect old bottles, and then there's some that collect pans. Check these two out I recently came by. From 19th century no teflon on these, strictly for decoration around the pit.
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    Oh no, now we need a 3D printer to make our espresso.
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    So just a few more months (8) waiting and we’re ready to lift this thing in place so I can actually use it before I’m over it. To say I’m over building - an understatement. Total weight lifts was 800kgs so a little ++ on the cost side, first crane failed but managed to score a 2nd once before the 8hour lift permit expired - in anycase she’s up - unbox tomoz and a first cook this weekend , not sure what yet with burning to follow the weekend after.
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    Some new VST baskets arrived today. Also ordered a Niche Zero grinder out of the UK which has 63mm conical titan burrs, is getting excellent reviews, and also much more affordable than the Monoliths. I’m out of control.
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    I read there was a world shortage of beef ribs, some guy in Australia is eating them all.
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    Its California -beach weather every day of the year! Not. Yesterday happened to be the first day we've seen sun in weeks. It was as if the clouds parted for the occasion!
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    Only if you wanna run with the cool crowd!
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    Ribs way to go. ... Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    Niche Zero looks really interesting - looking forward to user review. It’s funny how you are (self-confessed) out of control in your quest to be totally in control of producing the perfect tiny dose of coffee....
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    Too much caffeine will do that to you.
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    The sun is shining (for the first time in a long time here), the birds are chirping and I've got big wooden box outside my house. More to come - I've got some work to do!
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    That looks super lovely @ckreef - pan and fish n'all!
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    Mac I think it’s that ol rib master called Aussie, he’s cornered the market on ribs
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    I love beef shorties. You may have noticed a few of my posts .lol Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    I wish I was having it for my dinner.
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    Chicken and ham and pinneapple. Pizza for dinner yum........ Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    Started a new to me recipe for focaccia bread even though I knew my pan wasn't quite large enough. It couldn't be that bad could it!? Reaady for an overnight fridge proof. Getting ready to bake. Baked. Yes, it is much thicker than it should be but it does smell great. After it cools we'll see how it tastes.