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    I needed fajitas and margaritas a couple of weeks ago after a solid day unpacking. I picked up that gallon yeti when I was living in Austin; buy one if you don’t own one - so good!! Make one batch of margaritas and they last all arvo and evening
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    Single serving Italian Meatloaf wrapped in Prosciutto and stuffed with a tomato that had been stuffed with a spinach and mozzarella mixture. Served with angel hair pasta and homemade Spaghetti sauce. The basic ingredients. Sweated down baby spinach, panko, fresh mozzarella balls and Italian seasonings. Stuffed into hollowed out tomatoes. Italian Meatloaf mixture Lay down 2 pieces of Prosciutto in a cross on parchment paper. Make a meatloaf bowl then wrap the Prosciutto up and into the bowl. Put a stuffed tomato in the bowl and form the bowl around the tomato. Baked in my Komodo Kamado at 350* indirect for about 40 minutes (I think). Served with angel hair pasta, homemade Spaghetti sauce and fresh grated parmesan.
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    Hand forged in Serbia. 1.07 lbs and extra sharp. Tried it out on some chicken tonight. If you get your finger in there it would be a full clean amputation. Pack it in ice and head to the hospital. I'll hide it from Mrs skreef at night just in case I pissed her off and she's feeling a little Iike Loraina Bobbit. LOL
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    Something different: made baba ganoush, humus and pita bread for the house warming party. Eggplant (aubergine/brinjal) and garlic on the cooker with some coffee chunks, and then cooked the pita bread on there too. I tried whole flour with the pita bread - I won’t do that again as the bread flour ones taste heaps better (photo of that cook in here too)
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    Eighteen years ago I was in my office at the Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC, getting ready to drive to a meeting in Crystal City near the Pentagon, when the news started coming in about the twin towers in New York. First one -- a weird accident -- and then the other -- no accident. A bunch of us were standing around a TV when my friend Ted called and told me to run upstairs to the big back window of our building facing the Pentagon. I did. We stood there watching it burn, with a huge cloud of smoke starting to drift our direction across the river. A short while after that the lab director closed the facility and dismissed everyone. Simultaneously, the security folks closed the gates and put us on lockdown (government operation, or what??), preventing us from leaving. All of the folks in my division went outside to the parking lot -- we figured it was safer there than to be in a building at a military research lab in what was clearly a target area. We stood there in the cloud of smoke. Rumors started spreading of the State Department being hit. And maybe another blast near the Capitol. Then we heard booms in the distance. Lots of anguish and even more confusion. Are we at risk? Are we at war? Later we learned that the booms were from USAF jets being scrambled from Langley AFB to intercept Flight 93 had it made it that far. Finally, after hours of standing in smoke and confusion, they opened the gates and we drove home, watching the rest of the events on TV, holding our families close. Eerily silent skies, except for the one aircraft we heard later that evening...the return of Air Force One heading to Andrews AFB. The next day the stories started coming in. Of friends who were in the Pentagon being knocked to the floor and evac'ing on foot. Others who were dangerously close to the point of impact and barely made it out. Another...a colleague...I never heard from again because he was on Flight 77. As divided as we are today, it's often hard to remember that on that day -- 9/12 -- for a brief moment we became one.
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    All, attached are some photos of my new 21” that I received yesterday. Uncrating and everything went well. Planing my first cook on the grill tonight .....some Cornish hens, sweet potatoes and corn. I’ll work on taking a picture of this as well. The one issue I’m having is the clearance on the spit rod. I understand how to adjust the length of the rod, however when I finally get the clearance to insert rod on both sides it looks like it will fall out of the left side (not stay seated) of the grill. I’m concerned that when I go to use this it will not spin properly or stop spinning altogether. Any suggestions out here in forum land is much appreciated. (Note I’ve successfully set up the length on my 32” and have no issues with this) I’m also excited that I was able to order 20 boxes of CoCo charcoal and 1 box of Coffee Charcoal. I’m going to give away 2 boxes of coco char to some friends with BGE’s in hope that they like it and will want to do a combo / pallet buy the next time I need some. Who knows.......maybe they will even convert to becoming KK owners!!! Best, Paul
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    Chickens spinning. 2 ~5lb birds, brined overnight, Italian herb and garlic butter. Used the Fogo super with pecan and apple. Started direct, but added a steam table pan as a deflector 30 min into the cook to balance things out.
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    A couple porterhouse steaks with some sliced potatoes, grated cheese and sour cream. Easy delicious dinner. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Love the peach glaze on lamb bloody awesome Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Wings on the Konro for supper tonight. I saved the small bits of lump for the Konro. Plated.
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    Gave some corn a slather of plum..then grilled them on the jr. .patted it down ..And gave it some butchers rub tony sent me yum..on it goes over cherry.. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    I just finished my curing. And now cooking the ultimate steaks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    75% done Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Busy day around here, did 2 sourdough loaves of bread and then started a chicken dinner. A trip to the garden to get potatoes, onion, and squash. Butter, black pepper and maple syrup in the cavity. There was a little spill over.
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    First I’d like to thank everybody for the outpouring of love, prayers and calls from literally around the world, we were touched. We saw a specialist in Bangkok today who was able to clarify things and make us understand what probably happened. She was diagnosed with a group of conditions lumped together to describe “a myocardial infarction with nonobstructive coronary arteries” known as MINOCA. We were able to reduce them to a vasospastic angina.. She will take a three-month course of anti-spasmatic meds among other things and we’ll come back and see him. So looks like we dodged a bullet and of course she will have to make some lifestyle changes.. i.e reduce her workouts to an hour or two a day etc.. LOL Thanks again..
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    I am making 2 sourdough loaves of bread and had some leftover ground wheat berries. What to do with this fresh whole wheat flour, pasta came to mind and I was off to the races. Picked an onion, garlic, basil, and tomatoes from the garden. Dinner.
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    Bit late but turned out great ... . Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Breakfast cooked on the Konro since the coals were still hot from the night before. It was like camping out in the ODK. I saw this pair out the kitchen window but by the time I got my camera they were having apple treats in the orchard. The bacon is so much better cooked over an open fire.
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    Yesterday with the Wood Fired Oven I started with a couple Cracker Crust appetizer pizzas. A shrimp pizza and a red and blue pizza (tomatoes and blue cheese) Dinner was Mama Reef's Lasagna Recipe. Mama Reef passed on before I had the Wood Fired Oven but I think she would have approved.
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    Called Bruce.. He’s well and will post soon. Called Ken aka Ceramic Chef.. left message..
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    The contractions are getting closer together. The mid-wife has arrived. Just in the waiting room hoping to hear news. Oh I can't keep this metaphor up - the container ship arrived at port and the 32" Big Bad is being unloaded. Just waiting for the delivery company to call with a drop off date which should be sometime next week. What am I going to cook on it first? Current mood:
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    I bought the Smartfire for my husband's birthday gift a couple weeks ago. Everything works great! Instead of punching out the ceramic plug in the front, he drilled a 1" keyhole in the rear vent plate. Not sure if everyone has a rear vent. When we bought our KK, we purchased it with the gas burner (never used), so it has a rear vent. Below is a link to the piece of piping he used. He added a cap for when he is not using the Smartfire. He and my son ran a test cook (no meat, just a basket of coals) and it performed well, so the next day we went on a hike all day while cooking pork shoulder. It was nice to be able to check the app throughout the day to see that things were stable and the meat was making steady progress. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MXXYMSW/?coliid=I2B0B3Z6GW3PB1&colid=W2YAI4BADZ8B&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
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    Ha ha. The ability to move the food closer and further from the fire with ease is one of the fun things about this grill. There was an option to split the bed so that you could move the two halves independently. I/we decided not to go for that option because that would have involved reducing the space available for grilling. I am expecting to use a combination of moving coals around on the bed to create cold and hot zones and raising and lowering the grates to control and vary the temperature. The ODK should be ready in time for The Husband's birthday in late October. I have bought him the Seven Fires book by Francis Mallman who he likes. I have bought myself a book called Charred & Scruffed by Adam Perry Lang. Interesting views about grilling meat and he does do "clinching" a lot. Lots to explore!
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    Yes I am happy with the space and no more clandestine operations. I think I am 90% unpacked so should have more time to sit around cooking and drinking beer A bit late: but here is how the meat turned out. I have never done a scotch fillet roast before as it always seemed so damn expensive in Australia, but living in Singapore the price at home was about the same as 1 steak here! Happy with the results
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    I bought my original Kamado 7 in 1998 from Richard. In 2004 I bought a Kamado 3 for my girlfriend apartment. They sent it directly to my girlfriends apartment just like I had requested; however, They sent the bill to my house. That did not make my wife very happy.
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    Wife is visiting her parents in Chicago, so fired up the Tandoor Oven (32) for a plate full o’ Tandoori chicken legs.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I visited for a charcoal share, three years ago. Bruce is into automation. If you can't hack his Amazon Echo to read your message to him, you could probably hack his CNC router to carve your message. That would get his attention!
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    Yeah def looking forward to it. Honestly I will probably only use the Traeger for chicken and quick smoke items. Made some killer smoked meatballs on the Traeger this weekend. Biggest issue for me is that I always cover my grills when not in use. KK takes a long time to cool down so I tend not to use a Kamado grill if rain will happen before I can cover it. I used my KJ a couple times in the rain but I typically like to avoid it. That being said, I might be being over protective but when I have so much invested in bbqs, I like to protect them. Also have mesquite logs and like to cook some over an open fire
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    Our town just lost a State Trooper who went down to Ground Zero with his canine partner to help with the rescue efforts. He became sick shortly after returning and was fighting serious respiratory related issues for many years. He was a great guy. Brought his dog into our warehouse many times for training purposes. Sad reminder of the issues that many of the first responders are still facing.
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    Dorito crumbed wings with a side of salad Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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  34. 2 points
    Just posted new pics... my shawarma thread Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My "care package" arrived safe and sound.
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    2/3 fresh milled red fife and 1/3 fresh milled hard white wheat. 30 hours later...
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    Great idea Tyrus for the CEO [emoji362] ! It’s a great little portable camping light that just hangs nicely on the lid catch , works fantastic for all my midnight feasts [emoji39]
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    Yummy looking meal Mac. Only three hours to breakfast here...
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    Salt, pepper, garlic. Cook at 400. I use a cast iron mini saucer pan, I throw garlic, oil, butter, paprika, basil, salt and pepper. Meant it and pour it on the steaks at plating. You can’t go wrong. Easy to make Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’m flying back from Bkk, and will be back taking calls again if you need me tomorrow.
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    This forum should have a horn that we can blow in someone's home when we want to get their attention.
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    Since I officially placed my order for a 32" Cobolt Blue KK, I figured I should introduce myself. Canadian living in Delaware, backyard hack who enjoys cooking, cars, and golf. Started with a Brinkmann electric drum style smoker that I used for 10 years (had 2 over that time). Graduated to a Weber Smoky Mountain, and a Weber Summit gas grill for 4 years. Then replaced Smoky Mountain with a Kamado Joe Big Joe for 2.5 years Now replaced Summit with a Lynx 54" Pro grill on NG Just (today) sold KJ and bought a Traeger Ironwood, so I have something to at least smoke on with while I wait for the 32" KK. Had a Traeger 7 years ago (for 3 weeks) but only had a small deck and wife said we didn't have room for 2 bbqs so it had to go. Great for a few things but terrible for sear and hi temp cooking. End result will be a 32"KK, my Lynx, Traeger, and adding a Lynx 30" griddle. Yes most will say, I may not use anything but my KK after I have one, but the Traeger makes some amazing chicken that I dont have to babysit, and the 1000F sear burner on the Lynx is nice to have when doing a reverse sear on another unit. There are only 2 of us but I do enjoy mixing different processes and eating a fine steak or smoked food. Looking forward to experimenting with the KK (yes I bought 15 cases of cocochar at the same time).
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    I think when I saw the 627KG packing weight that I realised continuing the birth metaphor might be problematic! 😮
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    Lest we forget . I remember waking up at 4 am getting ready for work turned on the tv and seen the planes hit I thought it was a movie and carried on getting ready .was not until I was driving to work listening to the radio it sunk in that was not a movie. Sent from my SM-T835 using Tapatalk
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    Looking good. Handmade tortillas are a must here — nice call. Need to look into that gallon sized yeti. Lasting an arvo (hmmm...autocorrect doesn’t like arvos or chooks it seems...odd) would be good.
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    Now you're talkin'. Challenge thrown down!
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    Hello Houlester, in the KK forum there is a section called “KK Reviews / Happy Campers” in about the 9th thread down there is a thread titled “Comparison between KK 21” and KK23” that was done by Tekobo. This is an excellent thread and helped me make my decision on which one to go with. Good Luck! Paul PS - I choose the 21” and just received it today!!!
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    That looks more like a lumberjacks axe. Isn't cutting up chicken with this a bit like driving a tank down a bitumen road? Post the photos when you cut up a whole cow. Please
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    Tasty looking wings. I guess I can overlook the ketchup - LOL
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    Basically sear low extra high heat then move steak off to the side to low-n-slow it up to MD rare. I have become a huge fan of forward searing. It produces better more precise results compared to a reverse sear. Reverse sear is popular because it's easier to do with just one grill especially if that one grill is a kamado. Me and @tekobo no longer have that problem
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