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  1. I did my burn in on Friday.. whole process on my 42" took about 11 hours (I took 3ish hours to come to 550). All went smooth!
  2. You may use that rack for drip pans though, it doesn't just have to be for heat deflectors. As for your divider, everything looks to be there. Those rods screw into the big rounded plate and then you slide the shield along the bars
  3. No that rack is if you want to use the heat deflectors. There should be two other pieces that slip into the notches on the charcoal basket and then that rack snaps on top of it. The reducer is another assembly (which you have most of the pieces of in that other photo).
  4. Also make sure you unscrew those wingnuts/remove the door when you do your unwrapping because the door has tape/some foam behind it. Want to make sure that is all gone before you do your first fires.
  5. They are both related to the same thing, the potential addition of the gas burner accessory. The door is for the burner to go into the grill and those four holes is where the burner would connect to the bottom of the KK so it doesn't move around. If you don't have that burner the head shield is locked down by those wingnuts so you don't lose any air that way.
  6. I will weigh in and say that I moved a 42" KK with 3 other men (four of us total) and my wife helping to spot/guide and had to go down a little incline and then UP an incline to my back yard. You'll absolutely be fine managing your distance with 3/4 people and a 32" Just go slow!
  7. Yes those are tool holders that go onto the table brackets so you can have a table and a tool holder at the same time.
  8. Congrats! Absolutely get those people to help.. it'll really help reduce the stress level by a huge margin! You'll feel amazing once you get it to its final home in the back yard!
  9. I already have the ThermaQ 2 so the Billows matches with that perfect so it is a better bet for me. If that damper didn't exist (or if I didn't have a ThermaQ) it would be a different story
  10. Sounds good to me! I'll probably order one just to have the option. I like to have options even if I rarely use them.. haha. You get the 'universal' adapter for it too right?
  11. I've heard that the Billows is more of an 'on/off' cycling fan so it isn't running continuously which caused other issues for a Kamado style vs just the HUGE amount of air it could push through... do you find that makes a difference now that you have the damper or does it really work as intended now?
  12. Sounds like you are set and ready to go! It is going to go great!
  13. I was pretty sure that the video said that Dennis' burn in at the factory is to bring the material to a stable humidity level but that it doesn't remove the last of the solvents. Also there is something to be said for user use playing a part in things like heavy lids. Lack of covers in colder climates, not letting the KK breath in humid environments etc. The cookers aren't used in a vacuum after all. I would not consider a higher heat cook a 'burn in' if it were to drive out moisture due to humidity. A burn in is really only that first one to get rid of solvents/finally set the tile
  14. The main purpose of the burn in/vent (from what I have read) is to make sure that the acrylic jacket solvent is completely driven out from under the tiles which then 'sets' them fully and allows the jacket to properly expand/contract with higher heat cookings and thus preventing the tiles from popping/falling off in the future. There could be the possibility of small cracks in the jacket forming in the future but that isn't from venting, it is from natural expansion/contraction and it shouldn't relate to the tiles and their security. The lids getting heavy with moisture also don't need a 'vent
  15. If there is a smell I'm guessing (from everything I've read) there was venting SOMEWHERE.. just have to find out if it came from a small crack/pinhole somewhere. Sounds like you did great though, I'd probably do the second venting myself just in case too
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