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  1. I've had the JVR Vac100 for a couple of years now and love it. I even upgraded mine with a new circuit board when they added new features (specifically stopping/sealing in the middle of a cycle and a pre-set clean pump cycle) and it was super easy both dealing with the company and doing the switch. The fact you can literally replace every part on it is a huge bonus.
  2. Also (because I am such a huge fan of them) the link that @tekobo provided above has a GREAT write-up on my favourite line of canning jars: Weck. They are great for water bath AND pressure canning and I have WAY WAY too many of them. Here is the link: https://www.healthycanning.com/weck-jars/
  3. Thanks for linking the article. I know I've read the "You don't have to sterilize as a separate step anymore" a number of times but it is good to have a source readily available.
  4. I also have induction and what I am most likely going to do (when I get around to wanting to pressure can) is I will be buying an outdoor Campchef propane stove (probably the single burner model) and using that until we eventually remodel our kitchen. At that point my grand plan is to have our induction top but install a single gas burner just for canning/non-induction cookware. The outdoor campchef option apparently has its pitfalls too depending on who you ask. The Presto Pressure canners do not recommend ANY outdoor burner solution as the BTUs are far too high according to the company. I've read numerous people online have used them but it seems to be a 'the risk is on you' situation. The All-Americans aren't quite as specific in their warnings and from what I've read if you stick to an outdoor burner between 15,000-30,000 BTU you should be fine. As you also said there is a Presto Induction Capable Pressure canner (which I also have owned) but it only comes in the 23qt size. I personally own two All-American Pressure Canners but A: They are MUCH more expensive than Presto and B: They are SEVERELY backordered right now from the manufacturer (6-9 months+ depending on model) but they are to my understanding the Rolls-Royce of pressure canners. I luckily got mine earlier this year before they ran out for the year AND before the price went up. Until I can figure out if I want to do the Campchef route, I will be sticking to water bath canning.
  5. Perhaps it would be better to say I do not see the point of using retort bags for high acid/jellies/jams. I suppose space savings would be the only pro vs jars but given that retort bags are one time use and generally more expensive per bag vs jars I am not sure if I would consider the space savings enough of a reason.
  6. This is a complicated question because depending on where (and when) you grew up the answer is very different. According to the USDA (and Canadian equivalent) what you are doing is NOT safe. Jars must be water bath canned or pressure canned (based on the recipe) and no other method is considered safe. The jars may seal with your method but they are not considered processed/preserved by modern North American standards. I had a friend YEARS ago that also did a variation of your method (he did full on Oven canning which is once again not USDA recommended) and we agreed to disagree and not talk about it as it was always a very strong point of contention between us. Personally I would never do anything but full water bath canning or pressure canning. I would never do Oven canning or hot pack/turn over sealing like you do. Now having said this I don't always follow USDA guidelines. For instance I prefer WECK jars from Germany vs Mason jars but they are not USDA certified. I know using Water Bath/Pressuring canning though they'd be 100% safe if processed correctly.
  7. Yeah I think you can pretty much safely skip the sanitizing part. A good hot soapy wash and just keep them covered with a tea towel and ready to fill. Most of the time now I use my dishwasher to wash them (with or without the sanitize cycle) and just leave the door closed until I am ready for them. In a pinch though I'll just wash the jars I need by hand and I am good to go. No I meant that because retort canning basically equals pressure canning you wouldn't put jam/jelly/high acid foods in the retort bags because the bags aren't meant for water processing. I didn't mean that you can't water bath can jams/jellies etc. It also isn't so much that the high acid kills the bad stuff (well for acid perhaps) it is more that Jams/Jellies/HAFs are always hot packed (which has killed any potential pathogens during the cooking process) and the high sugar/high acids is not an ideal growing environment. Processing then takes care of the rest so they stay that way. I'm actually going to be doing some Cherry Pie filling soon and I wanted to do some marmalade too if I can ever find the time.
  8. I have done some Mylar/Retort sealing in my chamber machine yes and it works very well. I will say though that for Jar canning you don't REALLY have to sanitize the jars/rings/lids before filling them. The recommendations on that have changed a bit over the past 10-15 years. It used to be accepted you had do a full sanitize cycle on the jars before filling but now it is generally accepted that you only have to make sure the jars are CLEAN before filling, not sanitized. The processing of the jars (either water bath or pressure canning) takes care of the sanitizing along with the food. Also I am pretty sure retort pouches MUST be pressure canned, they are not for water bath canning items so you can't do jams/jellies/high acid foods in them for instance.
  9. I own the JVR Vac100 and am very very happy with it. Even does Retort/Mylar with the special sealing bar they sell.
  10. @David ChangI'll have to watch that one. I've done a LOT of different variations in making mine and am always looking for different tricks and ways others do them.
  11. The results look REALLY even too! Did you do any rests between folds or could you manage all of the folds/turns in one round because you have the sheeter?
  12. Yeah I am looking at the website now (watching videos) and I actually think I'd go for the larger one for a BIG reason.. I love how the larger one folds into a little metal briefcase for easier storage. I wish I had this back in the fall!
  13. I'm going to have to look into one of these sheeters. I got into a Croissant kick last fall and made a good.. 15 batches (and got pretty good at it if I do say so myself) but a sheeter would make things SO much easier! Taking a quick look at the website.. it looks like order these is not exactly the easiest thing in the world. How did you find the process?
  14. I'm still hopeful that a 42" version will come out at some point.. I've wanted something like this for Tandoori chicken for YEARS when I had an Egg and never found anything that worked like I wanted to. This would absolutely be it!
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