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  1. Those chickens look delicious! I also have to say your videos really helped when I was doing the research process for what rotis I was going to get.
  2. Congratulations on the pickup and welcome! I'm coming from a BGE too.. can't wait to get my KK!
  3. Sounds like a completely normal and great use of a refund to me!
  4. Congrats! Best to get it all at once for sure!
  5. Welcome! I ordered mine not long ago too!
  6. @SyzygiesTandoori chicken is one of my favourite dishes.. I love making it at home (and butter chicken as well).
  7. One of my favourite online used book sites had a copy of it in Canada (easy shipping to me) so after your post and my quick google I ordered it and it should be here on Thursday. I am very excited to get it!
  8. Thank you so much for mentioning this book.. I am a big fan of Indian Cuisine and I had never heard of this one.. did a quick google and this is one of THE books. I'll need to pick it up!
  9. @BruineLooks like you got some great colour on it, looks delicious!
  10. @BOC The patio looks beautiful! Looks like the perfect spot for the KK to live
  11. I love that setup! Such a great idea and the ham looks like it came out perfectly!
  12. ESPECIALLY in a winter climate like up here.. got to keep the snow/ice off of it! I've got that on the list too
  13. Oh absolutely yeah! The cover is on the list too! The cover was actually the first thing Dennis mentioned after we confirmed the grill choice. Thanks for the reminders @cruzmisl& @Troble
  14. I'm going for all of them basically.. SS Side Tables.. Hot/Cold Smoker.. Roti.. Baking stone, Basket splitter. All the fun stuff
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