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  1. Re: New BB32 Autumn Nebula coming to Rochester NY well fellow rochester, ny tax payer you will find that your KK is the best! There is only one thing that is possibly better and that is Dennis and his service. They do not get any better!! my wife and I know first hand how good it can be. if you have any questions post me a question. we do live in the rochester area. i
  2. Re: gyros with pics look for artisan bread in 5 min's a day.
  3. Re: Boneless Leg of Lamb Experiment just so they do not leave Rochester
  4. Re: Pulled Lamb I never thought of doing a "pulled" lam, I have done leg of lamb and boned leg of lamb and they are always good. If the bned leg of lamb if not too much more than bone in I buy several and KK them with garlic,rosemay or a coffe-cardamon rub, or green olive spread before I tie them up. My wife and I will be cruising to HI and then in Maui for a week around September/October; are you in Maui?
  5. Re: I was robbed again.. ;-( My family is saddened by what has fallen on you again. We hope that this never happens again are so glad that your family and you are in good shape. If there was some way that a KK could be a lock safe I feel sure that they could not steal anything. All our best in the new year. Scouterpf.
  6. Re: KK Inside Temp Variation I have never done the differential check; and as we have 12" of snow on the ground it is very hard to get to try and do the type of thing you did. I do like your choice of tiles, but then again they are ours.
  7. Re: Granite work-surface? Since 1992 when we put in a new kitchen we have had granite counter tops. Granite should be be thicker than bathroom ; we used 1.5 " thickness and had the edges rounded off. No cracks or any problems so far. An older small marble piece chips and nicks were in the marble. The extra cost of granite is worth the small upcharge.
  8. Re: Murry's Beeswax A a scouter I think this might be a good find for camping. I like to start KK burns using a curl made from a spill plane.
  9. Re: Brining before Marinating ? Look up Cornell University and Chicken, this is where the "formula" originated. When I make the solution I put the chicken into two plastic bags, then add the marinade solution to cover, seal the bags, and chill in the refridgerator over night befoer cooking in our DRAGON; there is usually enough fresh unused ssolution left over to baste if needed.
  10. Re: Brined and Spatchcocked Chicken VIDEO this was developed at corneii university in new york, usa 1C cooking oil 2C cider viniger 3T salt 1t poultry seasoning 1/2 t ground pepper 1 egg I blend all together in a blender then pour over the chicken in plastic bags, keep in the 'fridge over night, saving some to baste while the chicken is cooking.
  11. Re: Brined and Spatchcocked Chicken VIDEO We enjoy the Cornell Formula for brining. I bag the bird(s) for about 24 hrs. in the brine.
  12. Re: Hello From Long Beach,CA Hello Harold, The third best move you made was to toss the old cooker, the second best was to (maybe) to get the 'bubba' , now make the best move by ordering a KK from Dennis. Not only is is the KK superior to any other but Dennis is the world's best !!
  13. Re: Sai's Bday - Ribeye Roast Bone-In and Boneless Beef Ribs Happy belated birthday to Sal. As we were at a dog show I missed your missive. I would have suggested a very slow cook to 100F, remove while your KK is raised to 350F and stabilized, place the goodies back on until the out side is done to Sal's favorite doneness and give her the honor of the first cuts. Next year let us know where you purchased the meat and if they have enough for a grand party and we will try to visit her and you!
  14. Re: Cucumber Water This past Sunday 3.18.2012 we enjoyed a 1st birthday party for our only Grandson Leo who was born on 3.14 (he is a pi baby for you math folks). It was warm in Cleveland OH and the adult visiters enjoyed 3 gallons of cucumber water; I did not tell them about Pimms as I that amount of Pimms would have been over the top as much as I would have had to do if Sanny had been there. Leo did enjoy some hand knit hats for next winter when it should be cold again.
  15. Re: Something is missing... Knucklehead is the correct term; I have not heard it used in some time; I'm just glad that it is acceptable to use once more.
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