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  1. Not sure if they just don't stock the same stuff here on the Big Island, but I did go there a few weeks ago. They only had a couple pumps, they were both way too big, and not adjustable. I didn't want to fiddle with them trying to make them work, thinking I could get something on Amazon. I was happy to see these available through Dennis, thinking they would be exactly what I need. Just bummed the shipping would cost so much. I might try to ship them to a friend coming to visit soon and see if they could bring it with them.
  2. I just tried to buy one, but the shipping to Hawaii was $84, or over $100. Is there a slower or less expensive way to ship it? I don't want to spend $84 to ship a $16 pump. Thanks!
  3. Thanks everyone for your help and advice. About two hours before "go" time the temp was down to 150, so I put it in a neighbors oven to keep warm. I was non-stop busy with the cook or keeping up with work e-mails from 5AM until 1:30PM at which time I was driving to work to lay out the spread. I have to admit I was amazed I was able to accomplish all of it because my wife was at work and I did this all by myself. I didn't realize how helpful it is to have another pair of hands until you don't have another pair of hands. All in all, I smoked 4 pork butts, 9 racks of ribs, 8 tri-tip steaks,
  4. Good idea, I do have a remote thermometer and will use it. Thanks for your help! Another question I have is whether I should pull it early or wait until the last minute and pull it. I thought I read an article on this forum where someone said that they pull it and then store it. Any thoughts? Thanks again, and aloha.
  5. I should mention that the cooler has two water bottles, half full of boiling water and half of hot tap water. The rest of the space is full of towels. I want to make sure the meat is good AND safe.
  6. Aloha, I'm doing a BBQ for our maintenance department and it starts at 1:30PM. It's now 5AM and I've got 4 pork butts on Lola. Two are at 200 degrees and the other two are reaching 190. I've got a cooler with towels ready to go, but what's the max time I can keep them in the cooler? I've got 8 hours to go before the event, I have 9 racks of ribs I still need to do plus 6 tri-tip steaks. If keeping it in the cooler for 8 hours is too long, any suggestions? Should I put in the fridge and re-heat? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. If it's still available, I'd like to put in an order too.
  8. You are welcome to join us in Hawaii! It would be nice to have some more KK'ers all the way out here.
  9. Which brand did he say to buy?<br /> <br /> <br /> Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  10. This past weekend I just cooked 9 racks of ribs on my dark autumn 23", and I like Dennis' rib rack. It hold 8 and since the ribs from Costco come in packs of 3 I lay the last one on top. I'll add a few photos, first after an hour, second after three hours and then a close up. I didn't get the finishing shot, because the wife loves them fall off the bone so I always foil them. When they are done I cut them up and vacuum pack them and toss them in the freezer for easy dinners. I'll probably do this 2-3 more times to have enough for the school year so it's less hassle when we get home from work.
  11. You are right, sorry for the confusion. It was late at night and I was so busy huntin and peckin the letters on my iPad I wasn't thinking about what I was saying. I shouldn't have said it went out when talking about the CI smoke pot (I probably still had the smoke tube in mind). It would have been more accurate to say that it never started smoking in the first place. Based on the comments, I think it's not sitting close enough to the lit coals. I use coco char for the low and slow cooks and stack them vertically in the basket. Perhaps I need to really push the pot down into the coals, almo
  12. I've really enjoyed reading this post. I've got a small CI Lodge cook pot that I made about a year ago,based on one of the posts here and a smoke tube I purchased about 6 months ago. The problem I've run into with both is the KK doesn't have enough oxygen to keep them going. For my long cooks I typically put in my BBQ guru, and I guess the KK is so efficient that when I'm up,to,temp it will put in a puff of air every once in a while, but both the smoke tube and CI pot have always gone out. I've stopped using the pot after opening it twice and having the wood still in perfect condition. My
  13. Thanks for the running commentary and showing us each step. It's great to relive my own memories of un-crating Lola through your post. Please keep it coming. By the way it was another beautiful day here in Hawaii, and I'm a bachelor tonight since the wife and daughter are camping on the beach this weekend. Any time a KK'er is going to be on the Big Island, let me know and I can fire up Lola for you. Aloha
  14. jclarkhpa

    Beef Short Ribs

    You are right, it follows the same technique but you are keeping them in the sous vide for something like 12 hours if I remember correctly. The first time I did it I had no pressure and took my time. The last two times I was doing that along with two other meats (ribs and brisket) and so I always had to make adjustments and it never turned out as good. I keep hearing that beef ribs done right is better than brisket, but I haven't been able to consistently prove that. I am happy to keep trying both though in my experiments!<br /> <br /> <br /> Sent from my iPad using Tapat
  15. jclarkhpa

    Beef Short Ribs

    I sometimes get the boneless beef rib package from Costco, there's four per pack, and BBQ them all at once. I used the recipe on chefsteps.com (just type BBQ beef ribs in the search field and it will come up easy) where you sous vide the ribs then smoke them. The first time I did it they were soft, juicy, and amazing. Another time they were only ho hum and a touch dry. You might want to look at that technique and give it a try.<br /> <br /> Aloha,<br /> <br /> Josh<br /> <br /> <br /> Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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