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  1. Re: New Leg-less Komodo.. Naked Whiz Table Plans might be a good place to start. http://www.nakedwhiz.com/tableplans/tableplans.htm I've built covers for some quite fancy renditions of the Whiz's table where folks have incorporated drawers, pull out baskets, exotic wood slab tops, marble inserts, vertical pan slots, cabinet doors, etc.
  2. Re: Opening Day Babybacks Based on my personal experience. If you like a little tooth be careful with the foil. Not suggesting you can't have tooth, just saying be careful as I've ended up with fall off the bone when using foil.
  3. Re: Limoncello Rosemary Oh, oh, oh.... Limoncello!! One of my favs!! In fact there's a bottle in the freezer as I write. One of my favorite resturants, visited often during my numerous trips for work, was in Vicenza, Italy. They offered a home made semi-frozen version of Limoncello that you drank. OMG, was it out of this world. I sure miss those trips.
  4. Re: Can Post more pics now!! @fcnich. I forgot to tell you, when you use the extruded lump, some folks find that stacking them in the basket with the center hole vertical (like little chimney's) works best.
  5. Re: Firing Up the KK in Long Island Welcome aboard SmokeInDaEye!! Nice looking cooker, I like the matte black. I couldn't help but notice what looks like a Kingsford emblem above the handle. I know Dennis built some KKs for Kingsford so now I'm curious; did you win it?
  6. Re: Easy Peasy Pork Butt Try using beer in the pan!
  7. Re: Norwegian Meatballs in Dutch Oven Fantastic pulled pork fcnich!!! Great flavor, very tender, and perfect shred. Love love love your sauce too! Thanks again.
  8. Re: Gas Lighter Useful or Not Worth It? Thank You I see you've made your decision. But, just to follow up I remove burner after lighting the lump. Another reason the burner is so convient in my case is having a NG outlet on my patio with a quick release disconnect. I forgot about not having a tank to deal with.
  9. Re: Norwegian Meatballs in Dutch Oven Sounds great. I have to try this one too! Especially since I recently found out I'm probably more Norwegian than German! Thanks fcnich!
  10. Re: Using a Dutch Oven (cast iron) on the KK? Anyone use the Sorry, I can't speak to the enamel finish but, the Lodge cast iron works well for me. I use their dutch ovens and skillets. @Paswesley - Nice pot!
  11. Re: Syzygies's pork butt: what went wrong? Right on Doc. "no mental masturbation necessary" doing it anyway... hehehehe, sorry Doc, just couldn't pass that one up!
  12. Re: New KK on the way to Manassas VA I forsee sleepless nights ahead, if it hasn't started already. Congratulations.
  13. Re: Low and Slow With Lump Question Hello Cookie. Been awhile, hope all is well. I'd try a different lump. Sounds like the mangrove lump you're using may not be quite 100% carbonized yet. Hopefully Nakedwhiz with all his expertise will pop in here with some insight.
  14. Re: No lift gate Now that's quite the photo!! Especially love the delivery to your patio. Congrats and welcome aboard.
  15. Re: Gas Lighter Useful or Not Worth It? Thank You I have one and love it. Would definitely purchase it again. I only use it to light charcoal. Well that's kind of a lie, I've also been known to start fires with it in my outdoor fireplace. hehe
  16. Re: First and second cooks. I was getting ready to share another idea for handling hot meat / pulling pork (throw away latex gloves over cotton gloves) but, then I realized you included handling hot grills! WOW! I'm impressed. I won't admit how much I paid for gloves to do that with.
  17. Re: My Steak Technique Interesting about the salt and rinsing it off. I had not heard that before. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to give that a try.
  18. Re: I'm interviewed about KK on Kingsford's Grilling.com Great interview, Dennis!! "morally ambiguous" definitely put a grin on my face.
  19. Re: Jammies for Esterdahl Looks great fcnich!! Thanks for the post.
  20. Re: My kk arrived !! So today for lunch I decided to take Fcnich up on his invite over. Thanks again, fcnich!! You make an awesome BBQ sauce!!! Fcnich is so nice he sent me off with a container full of his own homemade BBQ sauce!! I definitely want the recipe. Perfect timing for the left over Sunday ribs I had for lunch today. Carter and his wife Sue are a very nice couple in deed. And the KK, OMG, just as everyone says, talk about beautiful, much better in person than in photo. The spring assisted hinge and dome latch are quite impressive features to say the least. And the hole for probe wires, wow, talk about a cool feature. I could go on and on about the covered wheels, SS upper grate with 3/8" tines! (wow, that's some heavy steel), port for Stoker/Guru, how nice the dome/hat mating surfaces meet together, how smooth it turns, etc. features go on and on but, I'll leave it there. I can't give Dennis enough kudos for the quality cooker. Great job Dennis. The craziest part is 20+ years ago I lived 5 houses up the street from Carter and Sue. I lived there for three years and we never met. Carter did remember my old 1967 lime green Camaro though!! hehe
  21. Re: Komodo availability - Good & Bad News Good one TNW!! I like-eeee
  22. Re: Komodo availability - Good & Bad News Two tenths! Bwahahaha... sorry, just kidding, I couldn't pass that one up! hehehe
  23. Re: Foreign objects in lump charcoal I found a Railroad spike in my last bag of Cowboy!! My biggest concern/unanswered question is; were the creasote loaded railroad ties the spikes are normally pounded into part of the charcoal???
  24. Re: High Heat Brisket Pics Great Job C-West. You've definitely got the hang of this Bud!!
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