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  1. PaulR


    Re: Sanny.. Yeah! I can see puppydog, I meant the "eyes" (must have been a while since you had that avatar??
  2. PaulR


    Re: Sanny.. Yeah! I miss ur avatar tho!
  3. PaulR

    Google Wave

    Same if JD runs out I have several invotes left as well!!! Just PM and I'll action it in gmail!
  4. PaulR

    Stoker Twitter Feature

    I saw your tweets..Is it all working? Can you change what is being tweeted? or is it always in the format: Stoker:Food Probe 1*:72.3, Pit-19:67.1
  5. PaulR

    Any good BBQ magazines?

    Thanks, I enquired with them if they support international subscibers. Is it a good read?
  6. Well done, and great photo's! Must have been scary leaving the KK on the ramp whilst taking the photo (is it moving? .
  7. PaulR

    New Knob

    Aargh, nope just replaced the one at the back... Haven't replaced the front one yet (little job I can do over christmas??)
  8. Make sure your sound is on! http://jflores.com/jokes/chowmein.htm
  9. PaulR

    New Bevy of 19.5 Barby's Blooming...

    They just look stunning..makes me wanna get Aussie Blue a brother (or sister)
  10. PaulR

    Stoker on a Ceramic, Bringing up to Temp

    Hi Larry , IMO it also depends on what temps you want to cook at? (and the amount of charcoal you have lit). If you just need it to be at 225 (for example) I connect everything and close the lid (open the top 1/4) and close the bottom vents completely for about 10 minutes and turn on the Stoker and let it do it's thing (I do the same using my guru but for longer cooks I only use the Stoker because I like to keep the results).
  11. PaulR

    Happy Anniversary to me!

    Yeah how can you "share" you KK's birthday with anyone else's... bad Fetzer!!
  12. PaulR

    Billy Bar or Grill Floss

    I've got the BB and it works fine...But will also order a grillfloss so I can compare (can't have too many gadgets!)
  13. PaulR

    High temp photography techniques

    That looks like a great shot TNW !! I'll try the bracketing with my Nikon on the KK and will post (apologies DJ if they turn out [email protected]!)
  14. PaulR

    High temp photography techniques

    Ask Mr Bower!? he's the in-house photography expert? I'd like to know too!
  15. PaulR

    High Temp Techniques!

    Hmm, like the sounds of DJ's method... I use jackies method, i.e. let it come up to temp in the dome (to 700) and place the steaks on the lower grill for a fast cook (usually only turning once?) 3 minutes 1 side and 2 minutes the other (the steaks here are NOT 1 inch thick!). Usually pretty rare/blue the way I like it....