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  1. croadie

    Mini Grill Hack

    The advantage is being able to close it down, after a quick cook as well as smoke finish whatever you're cooking. Appreciate the risk with the silicon gaskets and been ensuring that is out of the 'line of fire'. However, point noted, thanks.
  2. croadie

    My New 42" Serious BIG BAD

    Wow, that's incredible. virginia beach will be a nice home for the old girl anyway, but I'm drooling over this bad boy...
  3. croadie

    Mini Grill Hack

    Haven't been here a while - but been using the grill a lot right through all seasons. I love it, every time. I didn't really know where to post this - but seeing as it was the Sous Vide thing that got me looking for a simple solution this is where i have posted it - admin feel free to move it. I believe Sous Vide and the KK are a match made in heaven. Numerous uses. However often I found myself just wanting a quick finish, and firing up Yoda was just too much and too long. Enter spying a Sportsman Grill by Lodge - gee that looks like it would fit in my KK 23. Shop around $60 delivered to my door. I love it, I mostly use it inside the KK unless i already am using the KK, but as more of a grill style BBQ it's an ideal solution. The KK serves as a great repository, i can have this little thing flamed up and settled down in 20-25 minutes, sear, finish, grill whatever I want for 10 minutes - even smoke it by closing up the KK with everything inside for the last 5 minutes (or less). It's perfect if you've done Sous Vide Steak, lamb, or chicken filets. I'll post next time i use it - but I thought I'd show some pic's of how it fits in - it may not sell any more KK's but i think it will extend how we all use the KK, it's one of my best hacks, period. Excuse the stae of the grill in the pic's it was snowing outside when i cooked 2 nights back.
  4. croadie

    Ribs, for a good cause

    Yes - I wonder whether mine is more than i need, too late now, and of course happy with what I have...of course none of us thought size would be a problem :0
  5. croadie

    First ribs - inspired by RAK

    thanks everybody - encouraging feedback, really appreciated - I'm interested n trying the pressure cooker or boil in stock methods now :0, Girls are happy to get left over ribs tonight while we head out for birthday dinners
  6. croadie

    5 Pounds of Breakfast Bacon in the Making

    wow - that bacon looks great, thanks MacKenzie, so inspiring. might give this a try next holiday period...
  7. Ok with some trepidation I tried my first low and slow yesterday. Took Dennis's advice for low and slow and started with just a tennis ball sized piece of smoldering lump. Had it settled at 230 within an hour - and left it there for another 3 (I'd left myself plenty of leeway), due to all the good guidance here I got the top and bottom settings right almost off the bat. I added hickory wood to smoke 30 minutes before adding the ribs and then did the 3-2-1 method.. Was pretty happy with the outcome but I felt they were a little over done, so I may need to just double check my thermometer - but any other suggestions I'm happy to here. I'm not sure about all this smoke 'ring' stuff and I could barely detect it on the ribs - was very subtle (got it more after I'd eaten them than during. Anyway all our American guests were more than happy with the outcome. they did just fall apart, and the Asian style rub I did worked out great - I made it myself with fresh ginger and garlic, a little miso, fennel, black pepper, kosher salt, cardamon, cinnamon, and dried chilli flakes. Basted it with apple juice at 3 and 4 hours and then with a hoisin sirriachi ginger and manuka honey (had to I'm a Kiwi) sauce. Interested in thoughts on the smoke - did I not use enough chips - smoke was coming out the whole time - I did have the drip tray under the ribs and I wonder if that deflected too much smoke away??? the rub: The ribs ready to rumble.. On the grill - I was amazed how it could stay at 225 for 11 hours straight... The final result - looking good - really fall apart... does this look right? Have I overcooked??? Ribs are not in my DNA!! All served up with broccolini in ginger and orange sauce with toasted almonds, woked bok choy with fresh scallions and coriander, my eggplant miso and rice... I forgot to photograph desert (sticky toffee pudding) so here's a close up of the broccolini...
  8. croadie

    Built a storage unit for my KK grill accessories

    Great work Wilbur - I really appreciate that craftsmanship....and good ideas too...
  9. Great - thanks Robert I really appreciate that
  10. Manual - am i supposed to have a manual???
  11. croadie

    Tru Tel Dial ~ Feedback Please

    Yep.. fully agree...
  12. croadie

    English Muffin Bake

    They look fantastic MacKenzie, I like the 2 days in the fridge method, I'm quite loose with my bread that way - I was ready to bake the other day when i realised I didn't have time before my daughters play. shut down Yoda, threw the dough back in the fridge for 12 hours and reset. Doughnuts done with overnight rise in fridge are also excellent. hungry now, thanks for the inspiration again...
  13. croadie

    Whole Fish Grilled Direct

    Looks great to me CK, I completely get the 'technical error' thing, it's what everyone else forgives but you never forget...I haven't got my family over to whole fish yet, but now I'm thinking....
  14. croadie

    Lunch Yesterday With Rak, Tinyfish & Bosco

    Great stuff. I'll wait until the weather dries out here before anyone is welcome!!!
  15. Thanks...I use a cane proofing basket to get the stripes - I have one coming for the oblong shape now I can bake two loaves at a time...