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  1. They have not been accomodating of my after 3 pm request. Luckily, I have an awesome mom who can be on call tomorrow afternoon. If she is the one that signs for it, they are going to have to pull it into our garage. Am I correct in assuming that there is no way to take the crate off inside a garage? If not, is it possible to take it off after removing one side? I am still hoping to salvage the crate.
  2. Nice tile choice. I almost went with the terra blue. Too be honest I don't think you can go wrong with any of the tile options.
  3. So I tried to make a delivery appointment, and they were telling me 9-5. I asked, can't I get a more narrow range of time? The lady responded “I can probably do 1-5.” is this normal? Normally taking a half day off from work would not be that big of a deal, but I have had to take my son to the dentist the last two afternoons with another appointment that will take me out of work on Tuesday. (unexpected dental issues). I was wondering if this is normal proceedure? I know for sure I can be home by 345, so they might be asking me to take time off when it is unnecessary. I was just wondering if it's too much to say I can be there any time past 345?
  4. How do you know if it is at it`s final junction?
  5. Unfortunately, asking about lighting does not mean my kk has arrived. I am so Flippen excited. My husband says to enjoy this time of anticipation hahaha. Anyway, as I have been perusing people's kk cooks I have noticed a theme of lighting with a torch. I have only ever tried that once, and usually use some alcohol soaked cotton balls to light my charcoal. Does this method work with a kk and are there any negative repercussions for lighting in this way? I have my 230 dollar akorn so I was never too worried about messing it up, I just want to make sure that everything I am used to doing is alright.
  6. Does this mean my grill has shipped????????? I am so excited, I've been hardly able to sleep.
  7. Was this particularly hard to do? I want to use my crate as a side table if I get the awesome komodo kamado label on the side. Maybe I would add wheels too...
  8. It appears that you had to get the kk over the thresh hold at your house....how did you do that without the weight breaking it? I am wondering if going through my house would be easier than around my very narrow side of the house.
  9. I was struggling between the 22 and the 23 for about a week. In fact, I couldn't sleep for several nights because I was just so excited and nervous about this. I even started to think that the komodo kamado was not for me. After all it is a lot of money for a grill. Then I was driving home, when I started to notice all of the people who modify their trucks or buy luxury cars because they like it and it makes things just a little nicer for them. Those things are important to some people the way cooking is important to me. So then I no longer felt bad about wanting such a luxury item. After much consideration and realizing the extremely slight advantages each grill would have would never probably actually be things I would use I decided that I could not go wrong I would end up equally happy with both grills. They would be pretty much the same cost once I added the lower grate to the 22, so honestly I went with the 23 mainly because if I ever wanted advice there would be more people that would have my exact same grill.I know for 99 percent of cooks they would not be any different. Something about the 23 just looked slightly more appealing to me. I also decided to forgo the usual first step of a more tradition ceramic prior to the kk because I knew that was the one I really wanted, and that I would be back in this same position in another few years, I would still be longing for a kk. And I will be keeping my akorn so I can have two different temps going. Anyway as far as tile choice goes,someone said to go with whatever one you liked at first, and really the one I liked first was the plain black tile. I kept second guessing it and looking at other ones ( my two sons were big fans of the cobalt blue) and I ended up going with the black tile because, like I said, it was the first one that really jumped out at me as very...appealing. Anyhow, my 2 year old has kept building me “koko” kamados out of legos and that is what we have been affectionately refering to all komodo kamados. I doubt I will name my kk but that might be a reference. Anyway, I have been looking at the unpacking threads, because I am so excited. Any tips? Also, I am thinking about making the crate it comes in into a side table. I just love that komodo kamado across the side and would want to use it for something. Finally, I keep reading about the burn in process. What exactly is that, and are there instructions included with my kk? I don't want to mess up my new favorite toy! Oh! And how long did you guys have to wait for shipping confirmation? My kk is in Carson. I'm already antsy hahaha.
  10. Hello, Probably a stupid question, but does the 8 inch rotisserie come with the 6 inch reducer for the 23? I keep seeing people reference the reducer and I think that might be handy to have if say I only wanted to do one chicken or something. When I look in the store I only see the 8 inch rotisserie and the 6 inch rotisserie. Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  11. I'm wondering how you set up the 22 for rotisserie?
  12. Can you use a rotisserie when the basket splitter just goes front to back?
  13. I saw a list for the 32 but I assume it's not the same for the 23. Additionally, I know the 22 does not come with a lower grate, but are there any other differences?
  14. Thank you for your response! Have you found that you needed the hi cap for any particular kind of cook? Have you done cooks that take more horizontal space (racks of ribs/brisket, etc.) and found it difficult to fit? I am very appreciative of your input!
  15. I want to clarify that I live in a fairly hot, dry climate. It has only snowed in my town twice since I have been born and I'm 29. That is why I am not inclined to use a cover. Plus I would want to be able to see my kk if I get one.
  16. You are one of the people with a 22, correct? If so, what was it that made you go with the 22 over the 23?
  17. I have a few questions about kk`s that can be applied to several of the models. The first is how easily they are moved (after then are initially out in their place). I know several models have wheels but would it be 1. Practical and 2. Necessary to move them out of the rain or hail? I have had grills with covers before and know that I just never use the cover..... Another question was about tiles becoming broken or chipped by the gardeners using a weed eater and throwing rocks into it. Because I have a small yard and patio area if I got a kk it would be within a few feet of the edge of my lawn. Has anyone experienced this? Is it a relatively easy fix? Finally, and most importantly, how did you know kamado cooking was going to be a permanent hobby in your life? I have always loved cooking. I bought my akorn 250 expecting to use it once per month whenever I felt like bbq. I severely underestimated the quality of food I would be turning out and it's versatility. I typically use it 3 or more times per week. I actually get sad when I can't use it (like right now when I am sick and dont feel up to it) but I have only had it since August. I have had other cooking “fads” for example I baked a cake once a week for a few months. I don't think I have ever felt as into any particular kind of cooking before, and I don't think I would get bored of it, but I would be wasting a huge amount of money if this wasn't a hobby I kept up for a substantial amount of time. I feel almost addicted. to kamado cooking, so I guess what I'm asking, is does that feeling wear off? That makes me sound crazy but I am legitimately concerned.
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