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  1. spartanvet88

    Re-Newed my Vows and on a US Road-trip

    Re: Re-Newed my Vows and on a US Road-trip Congratulations Dennis! Looks like all enjoyed the moment!
  2. spartanvet88

    Pallet to central jersey

    Re: Pallet to central jersey I'm in the Newton area and am interested also if still going on.
  3. spartanvet88

    Pizza night

    It was 600 F with no deflector directly over fire, just elevated.
  4. spartanvet88

    Pizza night

    I made these 2 weeks ago, very tasty.
  5. spartanvet88

    Paella, pan size, etc.

    After Spain's win on Sunday I just had to have Paella! I cooked everything with the lid open until I added the chicken back at the end. The dome temp was 450 when I closed it for 15 in. I then took it out and covered with alum. foil for 10 min. It came out perfect! The flavor was amazing.
  6. spartanvet88

    Smoke pot?

    Okay so I went ahead and bought a 2 qt cast iron pot and loaded it with bourbon oak barrel wood. I sealed as instructed with the flour paste and smoked some baby backs. I was amazed not only with the flavor of the ribs but how nice the smoke smelled compared to the regular throw some chunks on the fire way. I'll be experimenting some more this weekend and let you know the results. Thanks for the great Ideas!
  7. spartanvet88

    What do you use to clean your cooker?

    I second the Mr. Clean magic eraser. Those things are amazing!
  8. spartanvet88

    lighting the grill

    Hey what about using the gel in those "Sterno" containers. A small amount seems to go a long way?
  9. spartanvet88

    CNBC's TODAY SHOW -June 8th - Komodo Kamado

    This is the first cookbook I've read cover to cover also and I've tried 5 different recipes so far and they have not disappointed! A big favorite were the sweet potatoes with maple butter.
  10. spartanvet88

    More pizzas

    Amphoran, I've only used the camaldoli for now, I'm in pizzamaking infancy but amazed at what I've been missing! My kids and their friends who used to be Pizzahut snobs are constantly asking when the next Pizza night is.
  11. spartanvet88

    More pizzas

    Sanny, This is what my pizza looked like in the KK using the sourdough starter from sourdo.com and Jeff V's recipe. The taste was incredible. If you want other options try pizzamaking.com there's a wealth of info. there. I had my temp. at 750 to 800 like Amphoran. Good luck and Happy KK'ing
  12. spartanvet88

    Chris Lilly on the Today Show May 12th

    Very Very NICE!!
  13. spartanvet88

    EZ Que 8" cradle

    I had been following this 8" cradle issue since last summer, they haven't had it available since at least then. I got lucky on ebay and ordered it way before I had my KK.
  14. spartanvet88

    EZ Que 8" cradle

    I got my 8" cradle on ebay from a store in MI. That was 6 months ago though.
  15. spartanvet88

    Using as a Pizza oven

    OK here's my latest and best experiment ussing the KK. Temp was 700 pizzacooked in 3 min.! Next time I'll use different charcoal I used the Royal Oak lump (from ecuador) and thought it was horrible I had a hard time keeping the temps up and got very little flavor from it. The pizzas came out perfectly cooked top and bottom.