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  1. Put the Rolled out pizza dough on the stone for 5-7min then bring in and put all the ingredients on, then put back in the KK
  2. We respect your decision but family comes first. Take good care of her.
  3. We all love our KK’s, but way too big to take to football games. Looking for a grill i can put in the trailer hitch of my SUV. Does anyone have a good idea. Thanks JV
  4. I think many eggers will come to the dark side and buy a KK
  5. There seems to be a common thread here. We like really nice things, and we are all addicts. I bought the Vesuvius machine, looks great but have had some problems. Customer support was fantastic and got both issues fixed. The pressure profiling is what got me to go over the top. And love the Ceado E375 Grinder. My Biggest concern now is what else I will find on this forum that I can't live without.
  6. 2Club

    I need help

    This will make my wife happy, she loves Pork Tenderloin.
  7. 2Club

    I need help

    This looks great for a cool fall day. will save. Thanks
  8. She said it’s Father’s Day and you can cook whatever you want. Send me your thoughts and recipes thanks
  9. Love mine as i am sure you will love your new KK
  10. The biggest problem with my new KK is my wife want me to cook every night. Love it
  11. Hopefully the cool smoker that I have coming.
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