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  1. We did a ~10lb bone in for Christmas Eve this year. Ran it a little bit higher (275) due to later start - indirect up to 130, then pulled and rested for a full hour, then seared 1-2 min a side at 600 on the lower grate. I have done a 16 lb boneless as well - I cut that into a 6 and a 10 so we could have the 10lb on the rarer side and the 6lb more done. There is a ton of flexibility, a couple of things I would note to someone on a first run: 1 - pull it off to rest before “blasting it” at the end. The KK takes long enough to go from 250-450f that its easy to either not get hot enough to get the crust or to drive right by your target temp 2 - a 25 degree difference in cooking temp can change the cook time substantially. You can use this to your advantage if it seems like slow going. But generally unless you are really holding it low (215-225 grate temp) it goes faster. Good luck - hope its goes well
  2. Pizza night for a college football Saturday. 24 hour poolish dough @ 65% hydration. The new twist was a bbq pizza with sweet baby rays sauce, caramelized onion and pulled pork w sharp cheddar. We will do that again. The kids love the bacon pizza best.
  3. Latest pizza night. 24 hour poolish dough. 650-700f for 4 min . We may try a side by side with a stone and a steel next time just for fun.
  4. Swordfish with a simple arugula salad. Cavenders and lime on the fish. Love the 16TT for weeknight meals like this.
  5. Here is the 16. It’s fantastic. But if this is your first Kk, maybe lean towards the 22. The 22 has more flexibility in distance from fire to grate and is closer to the 32 in that respect. Cheers!
  6. Snuck in a Monday cook. Short ribs. 3 hrs with pecan and bourbon barrel chunks, 3 hours in a Pinot to braise, 1.5 hours in the cooler to rest. Ribs were from nearby teXga farms in north Georgia. Rub was a riff on meatheads big bad beef rub.
  7. Same day pizza dough. 65% hydration cooked at 625f for ~5 min each. The kids were halfway through the first one by the time I finished cooking.
  8. Welcome Dabble! It should not matter where you light it, I frequently light it on one side for low n slow. 1-2 inches up top and one of the mid size holes on the bottom typically keeps me in the 225-240f range. Here is the last brisket cook (I should have wrapped earlier - slept right through that alarm!). The dome temp on this was 240f, the MEATER in the brisket was reading 225 most of the night. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  9. Yep, that’s pretty much it. The backstop pan is a 4 inch deep 1/3 steam table pan. I never use connecting rods on the basket splitter, so it was easy to set the sides further out to allow for the 2 chicken width. 🤪
  10. 2 chickens. Saw the front to back split that @tekobo had made for the 32 and was inspired to try a setup for the 42. Will need to adjust the temp down a bit for future cooks- the dome was 400f, but the back half was quite a bit hotter. The results were great- I’m looking forward to trying the setup with pork or beef. cheers
  11. Thanks! It’s an illusion- the fire just flared on that side from the oxygen and having the lid open long enough to take a picture.
  12. First pizza cook on the new 42 which also means it’s the fist pizza cook in almost a year. Remembering what to do with the kk was easier than remembering what to do with the dough. 3 day cold ferment with 00 flour at 70% ended up being harder to handle than expected. The kids were through the first pizza by the time the last one came off the grill- so no complaints from them. The “adult pizza” of the night was fig, goat cheese, caramelized onion and arugula. Cheers!
  13. We also liked it, like the fruitwood profile. Burn time was solid. Not in the regular rotation for us due to cost and local availability.
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