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  1. Thanks! It’s an illusion- the fire just flared on that side from the oxygen and having the lid open long enough to take a picture.
  2. First pizza cook on the new 42 which also means it’s the fist pizza cook in almost a year. Remembering what to do with the kk was easier than remembering what to do with the dough. 3 day cold ferment with 00 flour at 70% ended up being harder to handle than expected. The kids were through the first pizza by the time the last one came off the grill- so no complaints from them. The “adult pizza” of the night was fig, goat cheese, caramelized onion and arugula. Cheers!
  3. We also liked it, like the fruitwood profile. Burn time was solid. Not in the regular rotation for us due to cost and local availability.
  4. We do a lot of simple grilling with that configuration. I leave the center rack flipped sideways unless we really need the space to allow easy fire access for starting or adding smoke wood. Tonight was boneless pork chops, arugula salad, and roast butternut squash. Sorry, missed getting the plated picture.
  5. I’m a huge fan of steam table pans for use in the KK (both stainless and foil). The ones in the picture are a bit shallower than typical steamer pans and a slightly different size. The half and the third sizes get used regularly - either for deflectors or drip pans or just sides. This is an older picture, but shows the third and half sizes in a 42.
  6. A couple of low temp pre burn in cooks. Chicken for a deconstructed pot pie and short ribs for a ragu. Both were great. Now we are 12 hours into the burn in/ venting process, stable at 750f and still “negotiating” with two spots on the lid that are steaming with tiles popped out. All part of the process. I see kk pizza in the light at the end of the tunnel next weekend!
  7. The two things we really don’t even try on the 16TT are pizza and brisket. The kids have been asking for kk pizza since it was dropped the drive- so that is on the list for sure.
  8. These are single bottom drip pans- not double. Here is the ramp from last time - 12ft to go up stairs that were 4ft high. It ended up working, but required a come-along winch and 5 guys and a lot of extra time and planning. At 1500lbs the 42 is tough to manage.
  9. There were a couple of “moments” on this delivery. The lift gate on the delivery truck was half busted and I watched the whole crate tip while being lowered off the truck. And when the crane started the lift they were square side to side, but a little off center front to back- so it started to rotate to the back- had to call a stop and reset!
  10. Those are ss drip pans. There is no double bottom for the 42, would be too big. These are singles.
  11. New 42 delivered and placed. @tekobo - this (42+16) has been the target setup for 2+ years - just took a while to get here! Also, learned from building the ramp last time and had the crane do the heavy lifting today! Great to see the tweaks and new innovations @DennisLinkletter continues to roll into the design - steel band on the lid, D gasket, firebox divider, etc. Excited to break this in and get get cooking this weekend! cheers!
  12. Chuck short ribs on the 16TT. A variation on meatheads big bad beef rub. Sorry, no plated picture.
  13. Ha! It’s complicated. I ordered the 16TT, and then the pandemic hit, 6 months later it was delivered, but then we moved on very short notice- so the 16 was left in the crate and went in a storage pod. Due to time constraints and construction on the new place we decided to sell the 42 with the old house. So we had no kk for a bit. Now we are in the new place with the 16 up and running and Dennis has a 42 on a boat outside of Long Beach headed this way. I hope to have everything settled by the end of the month.
  14. Inside skirt steak w chimichurri marinade, roast potatoes and asparagus. On the 16TT.
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