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  1. Thanks Dennis for your input that really makes sense. And I thank everyone that has given their input on this topic.
  2. Where do you live, in Raleigh or close to it in that direction?
  3. Wow thank you for that explanation Tony B you guys are wonderful and very smart with these KK's I will definitely have to start saving more than just pennies to get the 32 if it be the Lord's will in due time I will get it. Hopefully someone that lives within a reasonable distance will chime in I still would like to see one in person.
  4. Thank you for your answer also I really would like to see one of these grills before purchasing I wonder if there's anyone in South Carolina I live in Sumter South Carolina Columbia is an hour away I am willing to drive 2 or 3 hours to see one.
  5. Thank you for your answer so what you are saying is that there's not much difference in The Taste but just the distance between the fire and the food in the KK?
  6. Hello everyone I've been owning a Big Green Egg for 10 years I love the taste and the juiciness of the meat and food. I heard about the KK a week ago on YouTube and been on the Forum every since. I understand about the quality and manufacturing of the KK but how can it be said that the juiciness and the taste of the KK is better than the egg? My ribeye steaks come out so juicy and fall apart tender that I'm just curious about this question? The wife and I have six kids and the 32 looks very interesting to me. Thank you in advance for your answers. Lance
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