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  1. I know you enjoyed them, they look good Ben.
  2. @ckreef Well said, easy to be understood. Pictures says alot. Thx.
  3. @ckreef so you're saying the floor of the 16 is very thick taking the place of the fire box in the bigger units? So therefore the side walls of the 16TT can hold it's own as far as the high heat concerned?
  4. @MacKenzie thx for the better view I appreciate it.
  5. @MacKenzie thx for the reply, but to your knowledge is the plate laying in the charcoal basket more like an "L" shape? Being attached to the inside of the basket at the opening of the vent? Therefore the plate burns with every cook. I'm just a little confused. I would like to see a inside view from the opposite angle. Because if the plate is keeping the charcoal from going out isn't it also obstructing the air flow from coming in freely? That's where I'm confused. Thx for your input MacKenzie.
  6. @Jon B. hey Jon, in that 2nd picture what is that silver plate sticking inside the charcoal basket? Just curious.
  7. You got that right Tony, you know how KK owners do. And KK wannabes "that's me"😎
  8. Will do Tony, we are currently house hunting so it'll be minute before I make that leap.
  9. Looks good Jon, I may get a 16 first while on my way to the 32. I can get to 2,000 quicker than 6,000. And I can still cook on my egg with the 16"TT until I get to my 32bb. Thx. For your help.
  10. Thanks Jon, big help. Have you done any pork butts yet? If so, what size, and how long was the cook on the 16"? Thx.
  11. That will be fine, thx. I'm basically trying to find out would it be beneficial for me to go from my large egg 18" to a 16TT For starters. And then add a 32bb later on down the line. The body of the egg, excluding the lid doesn't seem to be far off from the 16TT as far as measurements are concerned. It's really bigger than I thought.
  12. so is the 16TT 16×16? I also sent you a message on your feed.
  13. Thanks for the view Mackenzie looks good
  14. I could be wrong but with the exception of the egg lid, I was measuring my egg against the 16TT on the website. Egg is 18", but the inside width of the fire ring is 16" leaving 2" overhang over the fire ring. The width and depth is not far off either. Didn't realize the 16TT was that big. Egg weighs almost 170lb. Versus 216lb. Question: Has anyone went from a large egg to a 16TT. Please explain your experience or anything that I said that might be wrong. I still want the 32 but might start with the 16 if it's just a tad smaller than the egg. Thanks for any responses and for
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