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  1. I own the JVR Vac100 and am very very happy with it. Even does Retort/Mylar with the special sealing bar they sell.
  2. @David ChangI'll have to watch that one. I've done a LOT of different variations in making mine and am always looking for different tricks and ways others do them.
  3. The results look REALLY even too! Did you do any rests between folds or could you manage all of the folds/turns in one round because you have the sheeter?
  4. Yeah I am looking at the website now (watching videos) and I actually think I'd go for the larger one for a BIG reason.. I love how the larger one folds into a little metal briefcase for easier storage. I wish I had this back in the fall!
  5. I'm going to have to look into one of these sheeters. I got into a Croissant kick last fall and made a good.. 15 batches (and got pretty good at it if I do say so myself) but a sheeter would make things SO much easier! Taking a quick look at the website.. it looks like order these is not exactly the easiest thing in the world. How did you find the process?
  6. I'm still hopeful that a 42" version will come out at some point.. I've wanted something like this for Tandoori chicken for YEARS when I had an Egg and never found anything that worked like I wanted to. This would absolutely be it!
  7. I'll second that! They look VERY user friendly!
  8. @DennisLinkletterThere was never a plan for a 42" version of this was there?
  9. I own and use a JVR Vac 100. I used my old Food Saver bags in it just fine until I ran out and moved exclusively to the chamber vac bags. I've been extremely impressed with how the Vac100 works and they have come out with an extra sealing bar for Retort/Mylar bags which is nice because it basically handles anything I could throw at it for any purpose
  10. The newer models have a port in the wall that you can run your cables through. No need to pinch the cable between the lid/body/gaskets! You'll even get little silicone 'plugs' that have a cutout for cable so it helps prevent excess heat loss. The only other thing is depending on which probes you have you MAY have to buy a straight temp probe vs the angles ones so they fit through the port. I know some people have bent them to fit but I just bought straight probes (I have a Thermoworks Q so they are the thermocouple connectors. I think the 'pro' connectors fit fine though.. I can't remember).
  11. Once new owners get their KKs in their hands, these will hardly seem like any price increase at all.. they'll all still wonder how they got such an amazing value and product for the price!
  12. You won't regret it! The wait will fly by too
  13. I had a BGE for 7+ years and even just receiving and unpacking the KK I could tell they were not in the same league. Getting mine together, seeing all the accessories and then using it I wish I had made the switch earlier or even skipped the BGE in the first place. Beyond that though the KK is also just easier to use than the BGE.
  14. Great news! I know how frustrating it has been not being able to get that over the water.
  15. Awesome! I think in the end you'll be happier with the larger (than you wanted) size. I originally wanted a 32" but went for the 42" in the end and I am VERY glad I did. Getting one that close to home is a rarity! Enjoy!
  16. While I am not Dennis.. I am in another industry which has a lot of shipping containers from overseas and funny enough on a conference I was on a few days ago the shipping container costs came up and we were informed of the new costs of shipping containers being almost exactly what Dennis said above. My supplies gave absolutely no indication or expectation that the prices will go down again any time soon. In fact we were told certain containers were actually being actively bid on and some companies were basically paying to bump other companies off ships at prices even higher than $25k.
  17. Oh is it? I saw your post but for some reason I thought the painter's tape was due to it being slightly off in size. Probably threw off my perception of where it the stop is on the pin too.
  18. Upon looking at the other pins posted, none seem to have the placement of the 'stop' like mine do. It looks like @tekobohad to cut about 1/2" off her pins to make them fit, and it looks like my stop is naturally 1/2" down the shaft vs her unmodified pin.
  19. I've been seeing all the posts over the past few days about Roti pins and I decided to go get mine and measure as well and add them to the conversation. As a note: I bought a 42" with the Heaviest Duty motor, received both in June. I received 2 'sets' of Roti pieces to make it work (2 Brackets to attach to the KK, 2 Drive Pins) which I am assuming came because I ordered both the Roti Spit and the Roti Basket. In any case I have not been able to use my Rotisserie yet due to the summer being SIGNIFICANTLY busier than expected HOWEVER I did do a 'dry fit' with everything to make sure it all worked/fit and my pins fit with them being the perfect length and as you can see from my photos, both pins are identical.
  20. The world has changed a LOT with materials and timings.. and the changes just keep coming faster and faster. 9 years without a price increase in these times is amazing, it is ABSOLUTELY time!
  21. Not only the increase but the SPEED of increase too! Wow..
  22. I didn't use a grout sealer after regrouting.. I don't believe it mentions needing it in the owner's manual either. It is literally fill the cracks/holes, let dry and clean up after. No sealing needed since it isn't traditional grout.
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