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  1. While I am not Dennis.. I am in another industry which has a lot of shipping containers from overseas and funny enough on a conference I was on a few days ago the shipping container costs came up and we were informed of the new costs of shipping containers being almost exactly what Dennis said above. My supplies gave absolutely no indication or expectation that the prices will go down again any time soon. In fact we were told certain containers were actually being actively bid on and some companies were basically paying to bump other companies off ships at prices even higher than $25k.
  2. Oh is it? I saw your post but for some reason I thought the painter's tape was due to it being slightly off in size. Probably threw off my perception of where it the stop is on the pin too.
  3. Upon looking at the other pins posted, none seem to have the placement of the 'stop' like mine do. It looks like @tekobohad to cut about 1/2" off her pins to make them fit, and it looks like my stop is naturally 1/2" down the shaft vs her unmodified pin.
  4. I've been seeing all the posts over the past few days about Roti pins and I decided to go get mine and measure as well and add them to the conversation. As a note: I bought a 42" with the Heaviest Duty motor, received both in June. I received 2 'sets' of Roti pieces to make it work (2 Brackets to attach to the KK, 2 Drive Pins) which I am assuming came because I ordered both the Roti Spit and the Roti Basket. In any case I have not been able to use my Rotisserie yet due to the summer being SIGNIFICANTLY busier than expected HOWEVER I did do a 'dry fit' with everything to make sure it all worked/fit and my pins fit with them being the perfect length and as you can see from my photos, both pins are identical.
  5. The world has changed a LOT with materials and timings.. and the changes just keep coming faster and faster. 9 years without a price increase in these times is amazing, it is ABSOLUTELY time!
  6. Not only the increase but the SPEED of increase too! Wow..
  7. I didn't use a grout sealer after regrouting.. I don't believe it mentions needing it in the owner's manual either. It is literally fill the cracks/holes, let dry and clean up after. No sealing needed since it isn't traditional grout.
  8. First of all, congrats! Second you should have received an email from Dennis with an owner's manual. Everything in there will tell you exactly what to do. If you haven't received it send Dennis and email and he'll forward it to you and also include your forum name so you can get into the Owner's Area of the forum. Lots more info there too!
  9. I haven't done any big low and slow yet on the 42 just because of how crazy life is around here these days, but I can say with certainty I will never come close to running out of room on my 42"
  10. Changing the oil is no big deal at all. On my machine is literally you open the machine, put a bag in a little clip area.. unscrew the oil containment area.. drain and then refill. Takes probably 4 minutes tops
  11. While I haven't cooked on a 32", I was one of those people who changed from a 32" to a 42" and I am very happy I did. I've done VERY small cooks on my 42" (just hot dogs for my son's birthday.. he is 5 so that is what he wanted) and it cooked perfectly. The fact that the 42" comes with the divider automatically is great, plus the 42" divider is a double divider so you get your charcoal 'split' in the middle as opposed to left or right. Also and this is just me.. I love how the grates go front to back on the 42" and they come in multiple pieces so really nice to store and set up in different ways. I honestly think you'll be happy with either but the 42" can absolutely be used small and then you have LOTS AND LOTS of room for bigger stuff.
  12. I upgraded to a Chamber Vac machine as well and would never go back to a Food Saver style again. I ended up going with the JVR Vac100 and couldn't be happier with it. I got a solid machine but without going TOO crazy on price/size as chamber machines can get VERY heavy duty/expensive for commercial models.
  13. Amazing how good the airflow is and how quickly it can go isn't it?
  14. Out of interest, why did you go so high? 725 is getting pretty up there
  15. Congrats! I have Matte Black Pebble and it is gorgeous... you are going to be very happy with it!
  16. Looks great! So happy you gave it the love and care it deserves too You are going to love it!
  17. I had no idea some people took the baskets out so frequently. All I will say is I am VERY glad Dennis added a hatch/door to the bottom of the 42" basket.. because honestly with the weight it makes me want to never take the basket out now since I can just access the bottom through the hatch
  18. I know I am in the minority but I just use fire starter squares/sticks.. not the paraffin ones but the fibrous ones. It may take an extra.. 5-10 minutes to get to temp but I have never been in such a rush as to need a fire NOW to cook. Heating slower also was a good rule of thumb back when I had a BGE as I was convinced seeing all the people taking them to nuclear temps with MAP torches/weed burners without any heat soaking was the reason so many people had cracking issues in their eggs. I had mine 8+ years and never had even a hint of cracking.. but maybe I was just lucky.
  19. I used the KK's casters. I debated a pallet jack rental but with the angle I didn't think it would work in reality so I just emptied my KK of everything (except the firebox) and rolled it. For something that was ballpark 1400 pounds empty (or whatever it is) it moved pretty well but I am certainly glad I don't have to move it more than once.. lol
  20. I did my burn in on Friday.. whole process on my 42" took about 11 hours (I took 3ish hours to come to 550). All went smooth!
  21. You may use that rack for drip pans though, it doesn't just have to be for heat deflectors. As for your divider, everything looks to be there. Those rods screw into the big rounded plate and then you slide the shield along the bars
  22. No that rack is if you want to use the heat deflectors. There should be two other pieces that slip into the notches on the charcoal basket and then that rack snaps on top of it. The reducer is another assembly (which you have most of the pieces of in that other photo).
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