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  1. My daughter goes to U of and I’ll be coming for her birthday on March 29th. I’d be happy to bring you several boxes for free. I have more than I’ll ever use. Dennis suggested to load up so I did. Sorry for late reply well over a year ago. The outdoor kitchen is getting closer and the 32 Big Bad KK is still awaiting a crane to move to the backyard. I ordered two cabinets from Dennis KK Teakworks. They are beautiful. I am awaiting countertops to be installed as well as a LeGriddle flat top and sink. The other cabinet will be a bar. The quality and price of these units are the equivalent to his Smokers. The drawers are high quality and lined with stainless steel.
  2. Welcome! They are quite impressive to cook with and beautiful as well!
  3. I have the Bo Jackson special edition Beefer which is very similar. I can’t find online so apparently they dissolved. I never could figure out why Bo Jackson. I love him but an odd spokesperson. While it does a great job, I haven’t used it in several years. I agree with David that a Pizza Oven works well for searing. I have a Ooni Karu16 and it does a great job for pizza and searing. They make a griddle/sizzler https://ooni.com/collections/cast-iron-cookware/products/ooni-dual-sided-grizzler-plate
  4. Congratulations! I’m new to the Komodo world and just received my BB32 last month. On a personal note we hosted an Aussie exchange student for many years. He attended his senior year in high school and lived with us and we’re home base throughout college. He is from Bunbury which I believe is within a couple hours of you. He is a great kid and we still stay in touch and hope to visit your area soon. My extended family was headed there but Covid delayed out trip.
  5. Thanks all! Yesterday, I seasoned to about 300 degrees to burn off the stainless steel. I had only one side with charcoal as I had the two zones set . When I came out this am about 5, it was still smoldering and warm. I removed the charcoal divider this morning am and added charcoal to the entire basket. Today I am going to run about 5 hours at 500 unless someone suggests otherwise. I didn’t have the FireBoard charged until after it “got going” about two hours later. I brought temperature up gradually. I plan to cook steaks on Monday so wanted to be prepared. Once seasoned, what should I cook tonight for the first cook? Should I used Coffee split as my smoking wood? I’d have to source other woods as that is all I have right now. I’d think mesquite is aplenty in the desert.
  6. I am a new winter resident of Fountain Hills, Arizona. I reside in Centralia, IL for much of the year and plan on bouncing back and forth. I have been avid on the grill and smoker for over 15 years and have quite a few different smokers, grills, flat tops, pizza ovens and various other cooking toys. Most of my cooking in Centralia is on a MAK grill which is a pellet grill/smoker. I cook a lot, over a thousand pounds of meat annually as I regularly cook for charities and fundraisers. I regularly follow Amazing Ribs and the Pit Master Forum reading more than posting. I have read about Komodo Kamado’s on AR and decided that Arizona was the opportunity to jump into the Ceramic Cooker and jump into the best of the best. I researched on this forum for quite awhile prior to ordering my BB32 and have learned a lot but have a lot more to learn. I purchased the BB32 based on research here that it gives much more grilling space. I am going to attempt to make the BB32 my grill, smoker, pizza oven, flat top and plan to learn to make bread on it. The original intent was to put it in our backyard which has several levels and only the lowest level has the room. The backyard is about to be demoed and redone. I mentioned keeping in the front of the house temporarily and surprisingly our interior designer is encouraging me to put it in between our casita and house in a small courtyard. This might be as she had volunteered her team to get it around back and realized a crane might be the only way to get it there. We were all thinking of some type of art or water feature in the courtyard and as a testament to its beautify she is recommending the courtyard. It is much closer to the kitchen and on the same level would be advantageous. I read how hard it is to get the CoCo Charcoal so I ordered a pallet. Feel free to reach out to me if you are in the Phoenix area and if your in need I’ll hook you up at my cost. Otherwise I have lifetime supply!
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