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  1. tskyrocket

    Lunch Time at work

    Received high praise for the pulled pork I brought in today. Only one butt left over, which I made some special doggie plates for my biggest fans and then handed over the rest for the Saturday crew to enjoy with the mess of leftover hamburgers and hot dogs. This might become expected of me on a monthly basis now. Next time, brisket. It is a great feeling to see people taste and enjoy what real bbq is.
  2. tskyrocket

    Lunch Time at work

    Did the big cook yesterday for lunch at work today. Six butts done, foil and towel wrapped, sitting in a cooler in the lunch room ready for pulling in an hour. We'll see how many burgers and dogs are left over after 60+ staffers chow down on my offerings!
  3. tskyrocket

    Lunch Time at work

    Xmas Meat Every Xmas I cook up about 60# of pulled pork, brisket and chicken wings. I foodsaver it in to 6oz portions, put a fancy tag on them and give them out to employees at work. Special supervisors and my best friends got multi pack samplers. Everyone flocks my way when they see me rolling the cooler on a cart thru the shop. Since this past Xmas, our company has doubled in size so I might need to rethink how I do this. It might be easier to cook lunch for everybody than making up so many portions.
  4. tskyrocket

    change username to bugs

    Hey Bugs! You made it!
  5. tskyrocket

    What's going on the grill this weekend??

    Saturday is my birthday so I am cooking steak and chicken fajitas for my family gathering of 9 people. I'm thinking maybe pizza on Sunday. Sushi tonite so no grilling there!
  6. tskyrocket

    Pizza? Or tuna steak?

    Beautiful Pizza, though I like my tuna steak still swimming after I pull them off the cooker after about one minute on each side.
  7. tskyrocket

    Brisket... Separate the flat and the point?

    I go fat side down and cook the packer as a whole, as I love a mixture of flat and point as my flats can tend to be dry for my tastes. I've read about people who cook it whole while monitoring the flat until it is done. Then they separate the two halves and put the point back on until it is done. I'll try this on my next cook.
  8. tskyrocket

    Happy To Be Here

    What is that thing above your KK? Is that a heater or AC unit in the ceiling of your beautiful outdoor kitchen?
  9. Remote Thermometers I believe I have the same Redi Chek unit. I can't find the model number. The biggest problem I have is it won't consistantly transmit up to my second floor bedroom (thru two walls and a floor) in a manner where I can trust it will stay up to date if on my night stand. My bedroom window looks over the K's. I keep waking up and shining a flashlight on it to double check. I have gurus but I like to know what is going on if I run out of coals on 20 hour cooks. I also bought a couple Taylor wireless units from a Tuesday Morning store last year. $25 each. Those are close to being junk. They monitor meat temp only, with various meat type donenesses and custom temp monitoring. These remotes sometimes go out of range with in 6" of the base.