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  1. @Sanny - HEY YOU!! We haven't heard from you in ages. Glad to see that you're still around - alive and kicking! However, I am totally SHOCKED that your Mexi-K is still in one piece and functional. My Indo-K died over 8 years ago. I'm single too, but that doesn't stop me from using the KK several times a week, even if it's just a steak for me (like dinner last night) or a couple of chicken thighs. And you know that pulled pork freezes well, so no excuses there either (I TOTALLY get the inertia reference though - LOL!) Stick around, the current folks on here are just as nice and friendly as "back in the day!"
  2. @C6Bill - I dug out a bag of pulled pork from the freezer for a sandwich at lunch today. Good to have a freezer stash for those sudden cravings!
  3. I don't have side tables on mine, so I can't help with that 1st question. The last picture is the grate rack. I have one on mine, but rarely use it as storing the larger grates on it prevents the cover from going on. I'd rather have the cover than the rack. I have another space to store those. I guess you could also use it to hang utensils on? But, again, I have a rack on the end of my deck table for those.
  4. Another rabbit hole indeed! 🤑 @David Chang - that's a beauty!
  5. @MacKenzie I hear yah! We got some of the big wet stuff yesterday morning. Fortunately, stopped after a couple of hours and melted quickly in the afternoon. Just that time of year, I'm afraid.
  6. Just a reminder that I need to get my stones out and do some touch ups.
  7. Replied in your other post. It's not necessary to repeat the same post in different threads. Most of us use the "unread content" feature to catch anything new. Just a friendly tip to a newbie. 😉
  8. I love Denver steaks. Get mine from Porter Road. They just announced that they've added a "half size" version (thinner). Eager to try that one.
  9. Welcome to the Obsession. Can't wait to see your new KK in action! You're going to be amazed!
  10. True, but he often makes my brain hurt! 😖
  11. @Poochie - must just be the one by you, as our CostCo still has Prime cuts. Picked up a couple of Prime ribeye cap steaks there last week.
  12. A few folks in the Bay Area that might take you up on it - @Bruce Pearson and @Paul immediately come to mind.
  13. @Wobster - if you haven't put in your order yet for your KK (per your other thread), just add boxes of cocochar to your order - as many as will fit on the pallet. You'll never be able to buy it as cheap as that, as it doesn't add very much cost to the shipping.
  14. As I posted, it's called a Frog Mat. It's actually for grilling. https://www.amazon.com/Frogmats-Non-Stick-Grill-Mat/dp/B00LBH7TZK
  15. @Troble - Great minds! Dinner last night to celebrate the 70F day! was steak and asparagus. Direct, lower grate, used the Frog Mat for the asparagus. Plated with melting potatoes with shallot crack sauce, 'shrooms, and side salad.
  16. Hence, why I rarely make them.
  17. You didn't say how much wood you put in your smoker pot? I typically use 4 - 6 chunks in mine and never have an issue with the amount of smoke produced. As @Poochie suggested, try some different woods. I typically use a blend of a fruit wood (apple, cherry, peach) with a hardwood (hickory, post oak, mesquite) - 2 parts fruit to 1 part hardwood.
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