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Charcoal share WA state

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I'd be down for some -- Max I could do is twenty 22lb boxes. Pallet max is 70 but we can do less. 

I'm at 98070 (Vashon) so one option would be to ship to a Kent area LTL/freight hub to save on fees, and I can load my portion in the parking lot <grin>

@FotonDrv seemed to be looking for some last year. There are a few other KKers I see have posted so we could ping them. 

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Just updating WA state area people that I'll be doing an order to have delivered with my grill to Mukilteo. If anyone would like to add some boxes to that order let me know. There would be little if any cost for shipping. My grill is in the Las Vegas warehouse waiting for my patio to get finished so I expect the grill and charcoal to arrive sometime around the end of May, beginning of June.


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Looks like a really good deal on Big Block on the Kamado Joe website. I've been using Big Block a lot and it's usually really good lump. I just finished up my last bag of about 8 (4 2-packs) that I purchased awhile back from Home Depot on sale.  Anyone interested in splitting a full pallet? $18.75/bag is a pretty solid price.

40-bag full pallet for $750 (normally $1200)

20-bag half pallet for $450 (normally $600)


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