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Lennox Hastie masterclass

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Troble I’m looking forward to seeing your whole pig cook.
This is where the ingenuity of having this Parilla tailored comes in..... adjustable spit height and grill space. This has a 900mm(35 inches) wide cooking surface and 550mm deep...... what’s the length of your pig Troble?
I am really liking the quality of this Flaming Coals roti motor. This is designed to hold 30kg( 66lb) without requiring an anchor at the end of the spit rod.


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That piece of kit looks just awesome [mention=3378]Basher[/mention].  Just beautiful.  I look forward to seeing it in action.  When is your birthday and will you get to cook with it on the day or has that "deadline" been missed?

Birthday is a month away Tekobo so definitely cooking on this before and probably on the birth day.

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