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i previously posted the shokupan bread i made into fruit sando. you can look for the recipe in my last post in desserts. 
so to finish off the bread loaf, it's time to make gyukatsusando.
this is a japanese deep fried steak sandwich that is panko coated and cooked to rare. it's dressed in katsu sauce and the shokupan is toasted. served with lemon and some raw cabbage and sesame dressing (also a traditional side when eating fried katsu). some mustard was also used as condiment.
in order to make the steak in to a square shape, i used a slice of bread trimming as a template, then stitched two pieces of beef together with toothpicks and fry them attached. just remember to remove the toothpicks before slicing. fry oil should be around 175c.
it's recommended to use high quality beef (waygu, A4-5), so you can bite into it like a normal sandwich and not have to use a knife and fork. enjoy!
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