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NEW - 32" Teak inserts for installing into a counter

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I think this is a great idea....makes it a nice clean fit into a BBQ island or outdoor kitchen. I'm currently waiting on some outdoor cabinets from Naturekast to install with a granite countertop. I initially wanted to integrate the KK into the countertop and was going to just have a big square hole to roll it into. But with space considerations and other factors I'm going to have the KK off to the side from the BBQ island. This would have been a nice clean look and gotten rid of the gap that would have been around the grill. That being said, the cabinets are only 24" in depth and these look like they are quite a bit longer. It would be an awkward fit. But if someone were to plan the set-up with the teak inserts in mind it could work.

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On 8/25/2022 at 3:26 PM, DennisLinkletter said:

New Idea..
If you would like a more polished look when installing a 32" BB in a counter, these two teak inserts will fill the gaps left, right and in the rear. These could have stainless inserts also.
You tube video of teak counter inserts

that looks awesome will you do this for the 23 perhaps???

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