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David Chang

清湯牛腩 Beef Brisket Daikon Soup (with silver needle noodles)

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this is a chinese dish you can sometimes find in a noodle shop in hk or around south china. it's basically braised beef brisket soup with daikon. 

now i have to say i used premium Australian M7+ wagyu brisket point that i aged for 60 days. do not use good brisket for this like i did. you will never taste the nuances, the aged flavours gets lost and it's a total taste of money. just use cheap choice grade brisket. i was just too lazy to smoke this point and my wife doesn't like bbq, so here we are..

anyway eyeball some star anise, white peppercorns, all spice, bay leaf, dried mandarin peel, birds eye chili (if you want it spicy), ginger, rock sugar, garlic bulb, salt to taste. fill a pot of water, dump the spices in, bring to boil, put in your brisket, simmer. skim. stop after an hour, add daikon and cook until soft. you can boil some rice noodles and fish cake add to your bowl  and top with spring onion (scallion) . but most important is the dipping sauce (hot chili oil and soy sauce). 銀針粉 or silver needle noodles you might be able to find in the chinese grocery. it's basically rice noodles shaped like golf pencils. if you can't find this, any rice noodle is fine..

the results will be similar to vietnamese pho but not exactly.. you will have enough to eat for days..

i've linked the made with lau video which is good, but it's just for reference, but i follow my own recipe..https://youtu.be/dxHrb_oHM1g





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