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For Dennis; October 12th Shipment?

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My dinner schedule is full for the next few days!

My KK is scheduled to be delivered this afternoon! :eek: I plan to do a simple salt and pepper spatchcocked ckicken tonight. Tomarrow, low and slow loin back ribs and a fatty. Saturday night is pizza, I made up my dough last night using Tom Lehman's new york recipe and it is currently in the fridge doing a slow rise. 8)

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Careful using "Oven stone"; not all are equal.

Thanks C12.

I unpacked the KK it looks awesome. It arrived in perfect condition. Shortly I will be firing it up for the first time.

I didn't recieve the rib rack and pizza stone I ordered with the KK hopefully my oven stone will fit as I plan to cook pizza on Saturday.

Trader, be careful using oven stone, unless you know the capabilities of what you have. I know of many broken Pampered Chef stones, including my own.


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