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Awesome Standing Rib Roast

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I did a Standing Rib Roast for Christmas this year, using the same method. I did a 12 lb 6 rib roast i got from BJ's. They were nice enuf to cut it to order. I aged it for 6 days in the refrigerator before cooking with a couple of chunks of hickory and oak. That roast provided dinner for 13, then several encores, including French Dip sandwiches and a humorous hor's d'oeuvre described as 'Slow roasted hickory prime rib with au jus and sauteed onion, bleu cheese dollop, cracked Indian Black pepper and halved Greek Grape Tomato nestled in a corn masa bowl (Frito). Paired with a glass of Bridgeman 2002 Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.' (Its a family thing!!)

I am finishing the final encore which is French Onion Soup. This recipe was from America's Test Kitchen, and it used 4 lbs of yellow onions, beef stock (which i made from the bones of the Standing Rib Roast) and chicken stock (Made from a roti chicken made over the holidays also). The recipe made a small cauldron of soup!!

....and the dog still has one more bone in the fridge!!! All in all, a very effective use of one roast!! Tom

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If memory serves me correctly

I took her to 118 dead center, removed for probably 7 - 10 min while cooker got to 550, seared for about 10 min. (sear time length is a little fuzzy) and then let her rest for about 20 min.

The combo of sitting her on the counter for two hours and cooking at the low temp gave me constant "doneness" through out the entire roast. Was honestly one of the best roasts I've done to date. I'll never do a standing rib roast high temp sear first again.

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looks great what was your estimated cook time and temp yks hollywood

I ran her in the low 200's and if memory serves me correctly she was done in about 3 hours, maybe less. I also let her sit on the counter for a couple of hours prior to cooking. Hope this helps.

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