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Sher Wagyu Eye Fillet with Tatonka Dust

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Cooked some beautiful Eye Fillet tonight on the Komodo Kamado. The grill was at 700f and the steaks took 3 mins per side. They were just starting to crisp up....fantastic.


Didn't clean the plate :-( but the steak was probably the best one I've done.



Served with baby potatoes and balsamic leaves


What a brilliant carnivore weekend, some of the best grilling so far :-)

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Please remember the grills are designed to cook with the lid closed..

Not that you can't play with your meat with the lid open but while it's cooking best to have the lid closed..

I recommend keeping a glove sitting on the handle because it get's hot really fast..
That being said.. you will learn this quickly..

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Great looking pics.


One thing, based on the pictures of your cut steak, that looks rare, not medium-rare, to me. A 1 1/2" steak cooked only 6 minutes (3 per side) normally won't get you to medium rare, even with a screaming hot (900F) temperature. But as long as you enjoyed it, call it whatever you want!!


I did a prime, bacon-wrapped sirloin filet (about 1 1/2") last night - reverse sear: 4 minutes per side at 400F direct on the lower grill; then fired up the KK to searing temps with a nice flaming block of red oak (Santa Maria style). Turning every 15 seconds or so (including the sides to crisp up the bacon wrap), for about another 2 minutes total. Came out right at the border between rare and medium-rare. YMMV


BTW, to second what Dennis said, I lower the lid to it's "natural resting position," but don't latch it, during the sear phase. I can peer inside and watch what's happening, without turning the lid handle into a branding iron. Just raise the lid enough to flip the steaks over and re-lower it until I'm finished.

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