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Not All Pellets Are Created Equal

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3 hours ago, Steve M said:

I just had ranier cherries for the first time recently and since have consumed my weight in them. Not sure how I missed them all those years.

The rest of the menu looks pretty dang good too. I look forward to seeing it.

Ranier cherries only come around for 2 maybe 4 weeks then they're gone until next year. I recently went on vacation and then scored a bunch of Blueberries. I thought I had missed out on Ranier cherries this year. Nope scored 5 lbs today at the grocery store :) When I first discovered Rainer cherries I bought about 2 lbs. I ate almost all of them on the way home from the grocery store - LOL. 

I'll post a summary thread as I go through all the different parts of my challenge menu. Stay tuned. 



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I could never find them here either. Even went to my local butcher to ask if they could special order that cut. They said no! I’ve obviously stopped using that butcher. I drove around the corner from him to a local ethnic/Asian supermarket and not only found them, but at a great price too. A few years after that I heard on another BBQ forum that that particular butcher had gotten religion and was selling them. 
Moral of the story: if you have a local Asian/international market, try there. That’s also where I was sourcing packer briskets until Costco finally got religion. 
Do you mean these .fc17f4288d5a246d39b50898a32f3dde.jpg

Outback kamado Bar and Grill

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