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Celeriac Lasagna

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You have to try this lasagna recipe.  Celeriac is a root vegetable that is relatively low in carbohydrate and here I was able to replace pasta and flour with celeriac to make a gluten free lasagna.  I used this vegetarian recipe (https://thepassionatecook.typepad.com/thepassionatecook/2004/06/celeriac_lasagn.html)  for inspiration but added in the usual mince in tomato sauce to make this super tasty meat version.  

First the ugly bit.  You can buy nice pretty celeriac from supermarkets but I had a couple left over, still growing in the garden, from the batch I planted last summer.  I had run out of ideas about how to use them when I thought about lasagna and went searching on the internet for a recipe.  So, here is my rather sad looking over wintered celeriac.  Reminded me of the grandad on the Simpsons. 


Cleaned up.  Sorry, didn't photograph this stage properly but, having cut the clean central lump into a rectangle, I cubed the offcuts and put them in to boil.  I sliced the rectangle into lasagna "sheets" using a mandolin.


Here is the lasagna with layers of mince and sliced celeriac.


And this is a magical stage.  The Husband whizzed up the boiled chunks in the Vitamix with cream and nutmeg.  It made a beautiful smooth spread that looked and tasted just like bechamel.


Baked for about half an hour with cheese on top.


Super delicious and much lighter to eat than a traditional pasta lasagna. Don't tell nonna! 



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8 hours ago, Tyrus said:

Tom Brady eats this all the time, welll, you know the rest. Yum

This version just might fatten him up. :smt077  I am looking forward to the coming season and hoping that Wentz isn't eating lasagna.

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